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is of unusual significance to the Chinese New Year. Regardless of living standard, the New Year will eat as much as possible. In the past, the home has some & other; Good stuff & throughout; , & other; With New Year’s day & throughout; Parents face is almost the most compelling reason to eager eyes. But now, has few needed & other; With New Year’s day to eat & throughout; The food.

New Year’s day is a happy and peaceful, is easy & other; Eat a problem throughout the &; In the season. Have a healthy, we should pay attention to what?

control appetite

& other; The total control & throughout; Is the first requirement of a healthy diet. Healthy diet composition again, if the amount too much, also is not healthy. When friends and family party, food is rich, warm atmosphere, often unconsciously eat a lot. The so-called & other; When three catties fat & throughout; , it is a lot of people New Year’s harvest. Fat three jin yi, minus three catties, and eat and cherish it.

the key to control food intake is: any delicious food, are to be tasted. You know, many good things to eat on the table, each bite is quite a lot about it. If there is love, also might as well wait for over the years, and then eat to enjoy.

New Year meal often lasts longer, not to speak, not when you eat at a loose end, many people will drink. You know, drink is a major source of heat. A delicious drink, usually contains 20 or 30 grams of sugar. In a meal, people drink a few cups, intake of sugar is considerable.

so, the best choose tea meal or pure water.

try to eat less snacks

nuts nuts is a big part in traditional firecrackers. From peanuts, melon seeds, walnut, common to the rise in recent years the pistachios, almonds, etc., at the end of the meal chat and games, and this kind of snack is indispensable.

although these nuts is nuts & other Healthy snacks throughout the &; And eaten in moderation and conducive to cardiovascular health every day. However, in this New Year season, imperceptible to excess.

these snacks are generally high in fat, such as melon seeds benevolence and almonds fat content more than 50%, peanuts and pistachio nuts about 45%, and walnut kernel is closer to 60%. As long as one or two eat, intake of fat can achieve a third to a half of reference intake throughout the day.

in addition to high fat high quantity of heat, a lot of nuts nuts also added a lot of sugar and salt, is that much more unhealthy.

as many people feel that into hard seeds to eat snacks very addictive, once you start I couldn’t stop. In order to avoid excessive calorie intake, control the snacks is more important than control meal, also need more self-control.

to eat less meat, eat more food

meat is scarce in the past, so the Chinese New Year food characteristic is piled up at ordinary times to eat meat to eat, but usually eat more also won’t eat vegetables.

a lot of family diet also follow the traditional Chinese New Year. Table are almost always serve fish or fowl, plant-based foods tend to be all kinds of high starch dry, and fresh vegetables quite lack.

although said a few days do not eat vegetables also not cause nutritional imbalance, but vegetables such strong feeling full food less, means more fat meat. On the one hand, high heat, on the other hand, have become accustomed to have meat of the digestive system, suddenly changed to meat, vegetables, may cause indigestion, constipation and other discomfort.

careful leftovers

pursuing during the Chinese lunar New Year & other; Year after year more & throughout; . In the New Year, especially at a party with friends and family, accustomed to & other; Very good & throughout; And no leftovers cannot show rich.

the past heating facilities, indoor temperature is not high also, during Chinese New Year is equivalent to a & other A natural refrigerator & throughout; . Now, most people have a better heating, no matter how cold outside, indoor are maintaining high temperature. So, in the past & other; Can put & throughout; Food, is now likely to be spoiled.

many people worry about leftover vegetables containing nitrite, meat if put out more dangerous. Do your own food there won’t be anti-corrosion measures, if infected by staphylococcus aureus or botox, so they produce toxins can be difficult to be exterminated in reheating, can cause food poisoning.

a party in Florida in the United States in 1997, has 8 kg after baked ham, with a wash is not fully clean the knife to cut, cut ham piece did not fully frozen in time, the results are polluted by staphylococcus aureus, 125 people at the party there are 31 people were infected, the symptoms lasted for about 24 hours.

of an accident in Australia in the year of 2002 is bigger. After a 600 people take part in public activities, many people eat at the scene, the results there are 250 people in the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, more than 100 of them need hospital treatment for dehydration. The food is prepared the day before, the second day after hot for diner. According to the symptom to speculate that most likely is staphylococcus aureus infection.

in order to avoid contamination of staphylococcus aureus and other pathogenic bacteria, CDC guidelines are: sufficient hand washing with soap before preparing food; Eyes, nose infection don’t go to the preparation of food, have wounds don’t preparing food, also do not send food to the other end; Keep the kitchen and dining area clean; If the food to save more than 2 hours, or in more than 60 ℃ heat preservation, either under 4 ℃ cold storage; Prepare food in wide and shallow container refrigeration as soon as possible.

drink less as far as possible

the Chinese New Year is the most key to a healthy diet & ndash; & ndash; Drink less as far as possible.

drinking is the most popular base part of Chinese culture, especially the relatives and friends party, seems & other; No wine no seats & throughout; . It should be pointed out that: as long as the drink, no matter how much is bad for your health, don’t trust & other; Moderate drinking is good for health & throughout; Nonsense, don’t believe & other; So-and-so is different from other wine wine, have what effect & throughout; Such a fool.

of course, drink can active atmosphere, promote communication, there are also some people enjoy & other; Small & throughout; Of pleasure. Drink some wine, appropriate for these purposes is not. But you should understand: between social pleasure and health risks, the former is understandable, but the choice will not take drink after balance be healthy.

so, if have a need to drink, drink less as far as possible, as far as possible drinking low-alcohol wine.

source: Oriental outlook magazine

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