He hid in goaf die hole A message hope the other to marry his wife

report from our correspondent “jiao… I don’t want to get this home defeat had nothing. After I’m gone, you choose a body good, be thoughtful, over the life with you… “

this is countries a terminally ill man left his wife farewell book alone into the abandoned mine o death.

after his wife alarm yesterday, including police, fire fighters and enthusiastic villagers and panan county civil defense the rescue team of the Red Cross and other rescue launched nearly hundred of people nervous.

small Fu Jieshao panan county civil defense the rescue team of the Red Cross, the men’s cancer recurrence after the third time.

the qianjiang evening news reporter contacted the lost man’s daughter little summer (not his real name). She said daddy old summer (not his real name) is the countries people, say goodbye to the book “j” is her mother, parents married for nearly 30 years, has been very good feelings.

police check monitoring found that the old lost in summer, after more than five o ‘clock in the morning on the day in panan county incheon flow shore village, but through the village across the river, or unaccounted for.

key search rescue workers near the village followed. At 12 noon about 47 points, good news, everyone found in an abandoned mine old summer!

the abandoned coal mine, by landslides, itself the hole is closed, after entering the old summer, sealed again.

rescue workers after entering hole, found old summer still active, and they cast him out of the hole to come out.

the relevant aspects have been involved in, to carry out psychological counseling.

at this point, we also hope to toughen up old summer.

our reporter Fu Yingjie

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