Health care products for free also send eggs? Chengdu 103 old man lied to 100000 yuan

cordyceps powder, black Chinese wolfberry with free, finished giving eggs and tea, also don’t really worthwhile? January 16 in the afternoon, the reporter learns from chengdu into greater China’s procuratorates, previously, there are 103 old man so bluffed, be Du Mou, zhang to handle card, trial and cheap way of selling health care products and so on, a total of lied to more than 100000 yuan after & other; Run & throughout; . Recently, the local court according to law, the two men committed fraud, was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months, respectively, in accordance with the law and the 3 years and 3 months, $10000 fine.

it is understood that at the end of October 2016, Du Mou invited zhang opened a health food store. Then, two people each contributed $20000 in a greater China rented a storefronts, and false identity signed the rental contract, and in the secondary market to buy tables and chairs, etc., in the online purchase sheep colostrum, Chinese caterpillar fungus, black Chinese wolfberry, such as health food samples, and two high potential fields.

period, two people in order to improve sales & other; Results & throughout; . Zhang put forward Du Mou use the hands of the old customer resources, let the old man health products using contracts, and payment first, after commitment can come to a refund, but when consumer refund and inform the finished product cost can’t refund.

the next day, Du Mou call a lot of old customer sales, also took to the streets in distributing leaflets to find new customers. In order to let old people fall for it, they also presented two eggs a day, win the trust of the elderly, sell black Chinese wolfberry, Chinese caterpillar fungus powder such as health care products.

opened more than 20 days, the existing 103 elderly people were duped. On January 7, 2017 in the afternoon, two people with the same method, a total of took more than 100000 yuan, after it is scheduled to hold a run. Soon, two people were arrested by public security organs, but the basic money was squandered.

the prosecutor reminded, many cheats use children do not pay enough attention to the old man, after the family brand trusted for fraud. Children to care for the old man, let the old man know common means of fraud, safeguards.

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