Health development planning commission, 2018 influenza prevention and control work

on January 9, the China securities network – learn from Chinese netizens, who issued by the planning committee “on notice for 2018 flu prevention and control work, focus on the following work, to guarantee the people’s health and life security:

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

is a flu epidemic monitoring and disposal. and give full play to the flu monitoring sentinel hospital network laboratory, further strengthen the monitoring of influenza-like cases and sample report, closely tracking the influenza virus epidemic, targeted to guide prevention and control in a timely manner. In conjunction with the department of education, completes the school, nursery school children and students care morning noon and absence absence registration report such as prevention and control work.

2 it is practical to do a good job of flu medical treatment. organization experts made the “influenza diagnosis and treatment schemes (2018 edition)”, provide guidance for staff training, to do a good job of the current flu medical treatment. For the elderly, children, pregnant women, with underlying diseases timely treatment and use of antiviral drugs, the focus of the crowd for critically ill patients admitted to hospital with appropriate conditions, strengthen the guidance to the hospital in provincial experts. Medical institutions purchase enough antiviral drugs, ensure the adequate supply of antiviral drugs. Give full play to the special advantage of traditional Chinese medicine, combined use of Chinese medicine technology, efforts to improve the clinical curative effect.

3 it is to play a role of couplet of medical strengthen grass-roots medical personnel training flu diagnosis and treatment. give full play to the role of the medical couplet body led by the hospital, using the stationary point training, on-site guidance, remote medical treatment and other means, to strengthen the guidance of medical couplet body within the lower medical institutions. For the medical staff, especially the grassroots medical staff to carry out the training, improve the early identification of flu cases, consciousness and ability of early antiviral treatment.

4 it is to play a good role in the prevention and control of influenza at the grass-roots level. grassroots medical institutions for area residents information publicity, strengthening prevention and control of influenza organizing family doctor team to sign the service object to carry out targeted promotional activities, and the regular flu patients diagnosis and treatment of grassroots health workers at the same time, in patients with suspected intensive, should guide and help the patient referral to treatment ability of the superior hospital in time.

five is to strengthen the flu health propaganda and education. group to do a good job of flu prevention propaganda guidance and health education, through radio, television and other major media and official website, a variety of forms such as WeChat influenza prevention and control knowledge, making flu prevention and control of health knowledge propaganda materials, organize the relevant experts widely publicized in the general population and key crowd of prevention and control knowledge, improve the public self protection ability.

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