Health development planning commission released the new flu diagnosis and treatment plan Radix isatidis was not included in the common medicine

Beijing news dispatch (reporter wang) 2017-2018 winter flu cases reported significantly higher than the same level. Beijing today (January 9) the reporter learns from the national health and family planning commission, to effectively deal with the flu, national health development planning commission after 7 years later again to update the flu therapeutic regimen, release the influenza diagnosis and treatment schemes (2018 edition) “, oseltamivir, even take antipyretic capsule stars such as antiviral drugs are included in the plan, which is known as & other A panacea & throughout; Radix isatidis was not included.

since December 2017, one after another into the seasonal flu peak, around the influenza-like cases clinic percentage and influenza virus detection positive rate were significantly higher than previous three year level, medical institutions and treatment pressure. To further standardize and improve clinical management of influenza, reduce severe flu, to reduce the case fatality rate, in the a/H1N1 flu therapeutic regimen (third edition, 2009), and the diagnosis and treatment of influenza guide (2011 edition) “, on the basis of combining the recent research achievements at home and abroad and our country always flu diagnosis and treatment experience of state development planning commission made the release of new diagnosis and treatment plan.

a new version of the flu therapeutic regimen for influenza antiviral drugs made further clear: the scope of application of influenza virus drugs, only recommend neuraminidase inhibitors (NAI), for influenza a and b are effective, including oseltamivir (tamiflu) and zanamivir, palmer peramivir. One of the top is oseltamivir, the strongest flu season, appear all over the country & other Oseltamivir & throughout; A rush. According to a report by the shanxi daily and kunming daily, to prevent the flu, people rushed to buy & other; Oseltamivir & throughout; The local pharmacies and hospitals have been out of stock.

in terms of traditional Chinese medicine to treat influenza, scheme will breeze nourish, qingrejiedu, golden flower clear particles, even take antipyretic capsule, clear away the spirit pellet (oral liquid), breeze detoxification capsules, and fructus forsythiae detoxification, SangJu colds are included in the common proprietary Chinese medicine.

the children can choose medicine for child resistance are particles, pediatric loosened up heat particles, etc. And in 2003 during SARS, swine flu epidemic in 2009, has been hailed as a & other; A panacea & throughout; Radix isatidis was not included in the plan.

on drug prevention plan stressed that drugs can prevent the use of oseltamivir and zanamivir, but cannot replace drug prevention vaccination, only as no vaccination or vaccination after severe influenza high-risk groups have not yet acquired immunity ability of emergency temporary preventive measures, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent flu.

national health development planning commission issued a notice at the same time, the medical institutions shall purchase enough antiviral drugs, ensure the adequate supply of antiviral drugs in patients with conform to “the plan” to the early use of antiviral drugs, not because of any reason to affect patients with antiviral drugs.

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