Health lecture hall: why are you old than others? Experts take you back to 18

every woman wants to 18 forever, but time, tend to make some time in the beautiful face. To the current legal evening news “medical beauty class” continue to change the subject, especially for you invitation HaYiDa 2 hospital director, orthopedic doctoral tutor, professor li, the first medical hairdressing hospital facial younger – da-ping Yang, director of the center for the professor to take you back to 18 years old.

photo with host salsa da-ping Yang professor

facial aging signs and nursing of

facial aging, is the body and facial, neck, and the soft and hard tissue of mutual change as a result, main show is: facial skin is thin and dry, less resilient, lose luster, pigmentation, color of skin not divide evenly, wrinkles; Reduce subcutaneous fat tissue and accumulation, support structure relaxation caused by gravity change; Muscle atrophy; Facial tissue absorbed gradually.

in addition, facial aging and health, genetic factors, living environment, the psychological mood, nature of work, nutrition, disease, local skin care and other factors have a close correlation. The average person to 25 years old, began to appear signs of aging, the formation of facial skin wrinkles is an important characteristic and index.

the order of the face and neck wrinkles appear, general is the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, eye canthus, ear area, cheeks, neck, XiaKe, mouth before weeks.

professor Yang tips you facial aging in addition to the rejuvenation of facial surgery, actually is also important to nurse daily an anti-aging measures, listed some for your reference:

1. As an organic whole, need to keep the body healthy

2. Pay attention to the skin clean and health

3. Comprehensive reasonable and proper nutrition

4. Keep pleasant and optimistic mood

5. Develop good habits and customs

6. Insist on self massage (face, neck)

7. Shoulds not be too much exposure to the harsh environment

8. Reasonable application of functional cosmetics

facial younger error

here on live radio,

anti-wrinkle botox injection

anti-wrinkle botox injection effect is very significant, usually botox injections of anti-wrinkle botox injections, 3-14 days after 10 days wrinkles will slowly stretch, disappeared, the skin become smooth. Anti-wrinkle effect maintain an average of 3 to 6 months. Botulinum toxin can anti-wrinkle, is that it can be used to block the effect of information transmission between nerves and muscles.

1, botox wrinkle is a kind of many anti-wrinkle operation only, not for anyone is one hundred percent effective. 2, botox wrinkle and crow’s feet, his forehead and brow lines, nasolabial groove lines and neck wrinkles can be removed, but the most suitable for early, less obvious wrinkles, and the skin is not very loose.

3, a botox injections of valid time is 3 months to half a year, in order to effectively for a long time, need injections of three to four times a year.

the botulinum toxin, after all, is a kind of poison, also have side effects. Botox is due to paralysis of the muscle makes no beating capacity and eliminating wrinkles, so occasionally produce headaches, allergies, diplopia, look unnatural adverse reactions. This is only for normal people, and for the special groups, there are five types of people can’t use botox cosmetic:

1, pregnant women and nursing mothers

2, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis patients

3, ptosis patients

4, the body is very thin, intentional, liver, kidney and other visceral disease

5, allergic constitution

da-ping Yang professor to introduce the causes of facial aging, it is now for the improvement of facial aging method which? Now let’s listen to professor Yang on the mainstream of surgical method is introduced.

Italy yue l wire enhance

to promote local tissue microcirculation, cell regeneration and tissue repair ability stronger, skin moisture, skin water embellish brighten the whole, pigmentation improvement. Deep into the dermis, the yue rose line branch as a cell growth stent, stimulate collagen and elastic fiber reorganization, regeneration of connective tissue scaffolds, and persistent support, and restore elasticity of jade-like stone embellish skin firming, fine lines fade away. Use up line to construct a three dimensional net, the overall support filling collapse of subcutaneous tissue, at the same time, promotes the skin blood circulation, skin ruddy luster. SMAS fascia deep-seated tyra. Hold fast to the root of the flabby skin & ndash; & ndash; SMAS fascia layer, by the deep taut, make skin full tyra folding and reset to the original young state position, at the same time, effects of natural, epidermal skin is not tight. On line up as artificial ligament, solve the problem of original ligament relaxation, and grow with time and gradually enhance the elasticity, keep youth permanent. Yue line up the trunk to lift of SMAS layer, conveniently to muscle layer of branches with fixed, tyra reset, and the overall young rejuvenation.

small Latin American + protein compound ascension

micro Latin America is a facial ascension special plastic belt. Micro Latin American use of absorbable polymer collagen elastic belt, scientific design of overhead kick, accurate implant dermis of the skin, muscle and fascia layer, three layer dip, will face and neck tissue tightening, smoothing facial wrinkles, promote collagen and elastin, restore skin elasticity, tight. Micro minimally invasive non-trace, less bleeding, faster recovery of Latin America, long time effect.

MACS small incision ascension

in the shallow subsurface, using slow absorbable monofilament pouch suture suspension vertical drooping facial soft tissue, can be a strong correction on the chin and neck relaxed, more blunt Angle, and under the chin of nasolabial groove, puppets, restore facial tissue volume, make facial outline full, tight and smooth skin. At the same time, the joint lower blepharoplasty, small particles of fat transplantation, temporal anti-wrinkle, via a small incision to assist in the ascension, tighten pouch, strengthen the result of the young.

technical advantages:

(1) pouch suture, solid ascension;

(2) the wound is small, doesn’t mark;

(3) the vertical ascend, strong resistance to failure;

(4) to restore very quickly;

(5) for a long time to maintain.

high SMAS improve

for patients with severe aging, professor da-ping Yang using deep anatomy of strength, through the suspension point high temporal concealment, accurate to avoid dangerous nerve, spin out the skin and SMAS fascia, respectively, after the SMAS back above mention tight fixed, remove and keep part of the skin tissue, can help reduce the tension of suture, achieve more natural facial firming, lasting keep the young state.

technical advantages:

(1) high suspension, keep for a long time;

(2) the deep anatomy of strength, accurate and safe, quick recovery;

three (3) improve effect is obvious.

(4) two-way effect, soft nature;

(5) hidden incision, you couldn’t see.

facial younger postoperative care

here on live radio,

da-ping Yang, a professor at the early after introduction to the facial plastic surgery, the damage as a result of the surgery, swelling, almost everyone has a certain severe swelling and blood stasis. According to the size of the operation in a considerate about two weeks, can gradually reduce the swelling. Postoperative nursing for recovery after surgery is necessary!

sleep postures, facial plastic surgery for the position of sleep without strict limitation, can sleep can also be flat with the edge, not a strict limit. Main purpose is comfortable sleep, help to reduce the swelling, normally the pillow can be a little higher.

diet: for the face and other parts of the body after the operation, basic diet requires more consistent, suggest high protein diet, protein is necessary to wound growth. So can eat egg, beef that foods high in protein. Chili, cigarettes, alcohol and don’t have these.

experts action solve pouch

eyelid skin flabby, atrophy, the connective tissue edema, all can cause eye bags. Pouch could be divided into two types: congenital and acquired. Congenital pouch with conservative therapy is not good, only by surgical correction. The former is more by orbit around the fiber connective tissue caused by a lack of strength and elasticity. Pouch is acquired and the vast majority of people, and this is not the appropriate massage, love tears, often draw look line, used to stay up late and other factors.

if the eyelids relaxation caused by aging, need to make eyelid plastic surgery, to remove too much skin, black rim of the eye feeling will be improved. In addition there are quite a few young people because of genetic relationship, eye bags and more than 20 years, and he obviously has the appearance of dark circles, this kind of situation should be considered through conjunctival incision operation remove excess fat within next eyelid, disappeared in the intangible make eye bag, black rim of the eye is missing. Others are caused by aging pouch bulge, sagging black rim of the eye is quite obvious. A face of tired, which requires both, do eyelid plastic surgery to remove fat under the skin and fat can be thoroughly changed.

if you want to learn more knowledge of facial younger, can be in the order of the phoenix news client search & other; The legal evening news health lecture hall & throughout; Watching a replay to check the related information. The health lecture hall is scheduled for Wednesday, five in the afternoon but passion – 16:00 to broadcast live.

expert introduction:

da-ping Yang

HaYiDa 2 hospital plastic surgery, professor, director of the doctoral tutor. Winners of national outstanding youth fund, get [2006] at the national institutes of health have made outstanding contribution to the title of young and middle-aged experts, provincial title of outstanding experts, enjoy special government allowances of the state council.

the orthopedic Research Council Plastic Surgery Research Council member; Canada orthopedic surgeon honorary members; Member of the international society for cosmetic surgery (ISAPS); China association of plastic hairdressing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery branch deputy head; The Chinese medical association professional committee of plastic surgery; Committee member of China’s reconstruction surgery.

long-term commitment to orthopedic tissue transplantation research and clinical work, in the field of surgical flap transplantation have higher visibility, especially in the area of perforators flap has reached the international advanced level. As a modern trauma medicine series plastic and reconstruction Surgery trauma deputy editor, the applied anatomy and clinical perforators flap deputy editor, participated in international orthopaedics English book 2, including perforators flap the Perforator Flaps “English book, facial younger surgical technique” Rejuvenation Surgery of the Face “English book. Has published 128 papers, of which 46 foreign medical journal article (SCI). Who won the national ministry of education of science and technology progress prize two, one second prize of Chinese medical science, the provincial scientific and technological progress second prize three items.

main academic achievements include: (1) inter-district research and clinical application of island flap of blood: the inter-district building in the international animal model of blood supply of the flap and muscle flap (2) late functional muscle transplantation to repair facial paralysis: in the first place in the world is put forward according to the skeletal muscle intramuscular nerve vascular transplantation of muscle tendon distribution design for the theory. (3) the perforators flap anatomy research and application: reported for the first time in the international area of qualitative and quantitative analysis for the whole body skin blood vessels. Host and participate in 5 Canada and the United States research fund projects. Who bear the national outstanding youth fund, the national natural science foundation of China, province outstanding youth fund fund projects, etc. Cultivating postgraduates of 26, a doctoral candidate in 20.

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