Health wine market to break through the industry standard needs to be established

& other; Compared to white wine, health wine more endowed with health care function, but our market is not good liquor, even the price is much lower than white wine. Why is this? We need to rethink. Throughout the &; Strong brand company chairman Wu Shaoxun said confused.

as an extension of the liquor, health wine has a long history in China. Folk esteem with medicinal wine, in order to meet the demand of health care. Health wine industry development, however, to date, more than 1000 large and small the country health wine, the overall size is only 20 billion yuan, less than a wuliangye (000858 SZ) scale. With the advent of the era of big health and universal health care consciousness ascend, the health wine industry’s future development prospects are favored by the market. Health wine capital layout aspect, especially in this year, the pace has accelerated, strength is also increased.

the development of health wine industry, the problem is still a lot of, one of them is the industry standard set up problem, still is in blank. Health wine enterprise personage to the first financial journalist, said health wine market scale is difficult to obtain bigger breakthrough for a long time, lack of industry standards is an important aspect. Recently, the first financial journalist from China’s wine industry association (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout the wine in the association &;) Deputy director wang, according to a health wine alliance led by the wine in the association, the current focus is to promote health wine industry group standards.

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difficult the prospects of light

component, process more complex geometric liquor health wine, liquor but why always sell? This is not just one Wu Shaoxun confusion. Recently, the first financial journalist in the process of communication with several health wine enterprise, frequently seen such a helpless.

the whole health wine industry development so far, to say the strength brand dominance, the company strength wine sales in 7 billion yuan a year. Throughout the industry can achieve 1 billion yuan of above, is almost a few.

& other; Liquor is mainly for business consumer groups, the liquor sales drive to be reckoned with. Health wine is not as difficult to widely sought after in the business in consumer market. Due to both drug properties, health wine in a limited demand for drinking. Which is why health wine selling market at present, in small bottles (100 ml to 120 ml) packaging. Health wine consumption group, facing the main or the elderly over the age of 41. Throughout the &; Shanxi insiders said a health wine companies.

and hold a gross profit margin at 70%, compared with more than 80% of the liquor, health wine, apparently, is much less. & other; The gross profit margin on early, we can achieve 50% above, but now is subject to the cost of raw materials, labor costs, etc., gross margin narrowed to 20% to 20%. Enterprises in order to survive, also dare not easily to raise prices. Throughout the &; There are other health wine enterprise executives li said.

however, the future development of health wine outlook remains bullish for the market. Use Wu Shaoxun speaking, the current situation of health wine industry is very difficult, but the future is bright. Behind this power comes from the arrival of the era of large health, universal health care consciousness.

in essence, health wine capitals layout aspects, especially in this year, the pace has accelerated, strength is also increased. After the maotai liquor, wuliangye and other large enterprises, hainan coconut island (600238. SH), and high-profile announced recently, to increase their investments in health wine business.

island of hainan coconut industry development co., LTD., vice general manager of Yang Jiaping for the first financial journalist said: & other; Company plans in the next three years (2018-2018), to the wine and drinks two big business scale to 5 billion yuan. At the same time layout plans to complete the national market. Throughout the &;

& other; A health wine brand, from birth to operation success, need to put in a long time. Enterprise cannot be impatient for success, also can’t half-hearted. Be patient, it is very important. Throughout the &; Wu Shaoxun emphasis.

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needs to be established industry standard

and a lot of serious problems in the health wine industry development, including how to do big scale, expansion and how consumer groups, how to effectively, etc. But most important, that is, how to establish industry standard.

the first two years of industry of viagra additive events, once the entire industry in embarrassment. After authorities after consolidation, industry more standardized. Also because of its scattered industry, health wine on controlling quality safety challenge is inevitable.

recently, exchange conference of health wine in the league, 1919 wine straight for chairman Yang Lingjiang, according to the company in health wine sales this is hurt the most.

& other; The past health wine made from medicinal herbs bubble wine, drink to drink but not big, the reason is that heavy metals which may be implied, miscellaneous worm, etc. Now to promote health wine industry to the development of industrialization, the purpose to use science and technology will be health wine of the miscellaneous worm, such as heavy metal removal, make products more secure. Throughout the &; Wang said.

li health wine people for the first financial journalist, said long-term health wine market scale is difficult to get larger breakthrough, side associated with is limited by the rules of too much, the other also has to do with lack of industry standards.

unlike wine, can use the luzhou-flavor, maotai-flavor, qing scent properties, such as easy to distinguish, because of the different medicinal ingredients, health wine appears & other; Individual character is dye-in-the-wood & throughout; . Because of too much & other; A personalized & throughout; , health wine to formulate industry standards, difficult. Health wine production at present, wine is the main reference standards. At the same time, health wine by the state into health food management related policies and regulations. Enterprises can apply for to & other; Blue hat & throughout; Logo (health food) qualification, in health wine industry, after all, are in the minority.

a number of health wine enterprise personage to the first financial journalist, said the current related measures about health care products is not completely suitable for health wine industry. & other; Health food laws and regulations on health wine shelf life, usually for three years. If more than three years, apply for approval to separate. Liquor-making industry, more than 10 degrees of liquor alcohol content, do not need to indicate shelf life. Precipitation for health wine, in fact, time is more long, texture and the effect is better. Throughout the &;

to change industry reality, today’s health wine companies, has realized to learn native development. Led by the wine in the association of health wine union, has received more and more companies to join us. League meeting, wine enterprises between visits, exchange technology and so on, the exhibit with ever more closely. & other; Unity among enterprises is very important, the purpose of our neighbors is to make our own sound. People more momentum. Throughout the &; With Chen health wine companies said.

according to the first financial journalist to master the information, in July this year, the wine in the association had jointly held about health wine health wine enterprise management measures formulated relevant to discuss the meeting, the purpose is to want to boost industry standards.

& other; Health wine production at present, each enterprise has its own set of standards, the industry is difficult to form a unified. But still, on the basis of safety, our industry to set a group standard. Based on group standards, the enterprise to set a higher requirements of enterprise standard. The focus of work to catch our health wine alliance, is to promote the establishment of the group standards. Throughout the &; Of the first financial reporter wang said.

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