Heart! Emergency doctor accepts 40 people died after a night

on January 23, qinghai university hospital in an emergency the surgeon sudden death, he accepts this past night shift of 40 patients. And a similar tragedy has happened more than.

a night accepts 40 people emergency doctor death just 43 years old

on January 23, qinghai university hospital emergency surgeon Guo Qingyuan value after the night shift, appear bosom frowsty, flustered, suppress symptoms such as gas, by colleagues for his examination and preliminary rule out myocardial infarction (ami). Just as colleagues to hospital formalities, he suddenly appeared tics, after four hours rescue, unfortunately died.

delta Guo Qingyuan doctor living photo

Guo Dafu just 43 years old, from armed police hospital in 2009 turned to the local hospital, of the total accepts 40 people, work at 8:30 originally, because of succession, etc. The work has not been able to work on time. His wife is his peers, the youngest of two children only five months old. Colleagues, an hour before the incident, he also got a call from Guo Dafu told he focuses on a patient review matters needing attention.

delta Guo Qingyuan colleagues circle of friends

female doctor died after 18 hours continuous work just 43 years old

on December 29, 2017, the quality of Shanxi Province people’s hospital, 43, doctor zhao incense in wards when sudden cerebral hemorrhage, breath and cardiac arrest, after rescue invalid death.

505 ward is zhao made sweet doctor fell, she fell, is in the view of patients in the ward. & other; How about your mother? Throughout the &; This is Zhao Dafu had said the last sentence, then the daughter asked with a smile at the old man. What might be replacement, says half sentence suddenly fainted. Throughout the &; Old man embrace daughter hurriedly Zhao Dafu, yell & other; The nurse! The nurse! Throughout the &;

delta rescue zhao become sweet doctor

consecutive work 18 hours before fall

zhao change after the felling, breath and cardiac arrest, and his colleagues on the emergency rescue in the ward. After nearly 20 hours to rescue, zhao doctor with subarachnoid hemorrhage, rescue is invalid, died.

zhao become sweet colleagues recall, on December 28, 18, zhao become connected to the night shift, on December 29, 12 when watching the outpatient service, and to ward round, Zhao Dafu cycle, working for 18 hours, may be overworked, triggered Zhao Dafu condition.

delta zhao become sweet doctor living photo

a heart doctor with the night 40 sudden death children less than 1 year old

late on September 16, 2017, the first hospital affiliated to Harbin medical university a doctor died late at night, only 40 years old, children less than 1 year old.

the doctor named Chen Yandong HaYiDa is a heart doctor with of the courtyard. His wife is a doctor. At day 22, she recalls, around Chen Yandong everything is normal, half an hour later, she found Chen Yandong wrong: & other; Colour blue & throughout; . Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), artificial respiration, dial & other; Throughout 120 &; , make every effort to save her lover, but failed.

delta Chen Yandong living like sports

, Chen Yandong colleague recalls, doctor chan arrive before 7 PM every day hospital, since 8 o ‘clock before entering the international, he is going to operation. In addition to his patients, he has to worry about junior doctors patients, he added up to more than 30 people to look again. At 8 o ‘clock, after catheter indoor, Chen Yandong as the surgeon, a day to do heart stents for many patients with coronary heart disease (CHD), an operation for 1 hour. Surgical clearance, he has to take time to other department consultation.

& other; Running every day, no respite time, often omitted, lunch is the most often eat cold rice. Throughout the &; Colleague said that doctor Chen usually are critically ill patients, their condition change fast, more stressful. Every day after surgery, Chen Yandong don’t go home, want to be in hospital medical records to nine or ten o ‘clock, & other; Even at home, eat a meal, also have to learn & throughout; . NEWS read MORE


the doctor how hard work?

in April 2016, suqian city, jiangsu province people’s hospital of a milk of GuanXiaoQing surgery clothing, curled up asleep lying on the ground. When he finished the surgery. Colleagues say, he is too tired, in between, in order to keep a good spirit, in the operating room in the corner edge, night sleep.

on May 19, 2016, a photo of the doctor into the ground to drink glucose concern on the Internet. The doctor is anhui medical university second affiliated hospital uropoiesis surgical department Chen lei, on the same day, the hospital underwent surgery on an organ donation, Chen lei all day have no time to eat, fresh out of the operating room, he felt dizzy, he sat down against the wall.

on November 29, 2006, issued a tweet @ nanjing: operating table, continuous operation over ten hours a doctor tired to fall on the ground after a nap. The doctor is mammary gland of nanjing maternity and child care Liu Cheng, director of the day he had seven sets of surgery.

on January 8, 2017, east county general hospital doctor wang lixin to rescue injured patient’s life, on the operating table operation 10 hours continuously. Just under the table and then fell down, can’t stand up, a splitting headache, and coma. Colleagues immediately sent him to CT room, the results showed that subarachnoid hemorrhage.

on January 13, 2017 in the morning, wuhu hospital, a rescue of critically ill patients with massive hemorrhage surgery was basically completed, as this surgery doctor co-founder suddenly felt unwell, he slowly on to the wall, and fell to the ground. This is not the first time, he even 7 surgery on the day.

at 8 am on August 14, 2017, assistant director of hainan province people’s hospital emergency department, deputy director of the physician Hu Bijiang, sudden angina caused by overwork, whole body cold sweat, by colleagues to find and rescue in time of danger. Ill, he had just finished the value of 24 hours of classes, the night also continuous rescue the eight critically ill patients.

staff workload and fatigue degree visible, medical institutions clinic visits last year close to 8 billion in our country, the increasing number of patients, medical staff number in short supply. If staff do not work overtime, I’m afraid it is hard to hold up this huge ZhenLiaoLiang. Some hospitals understaffed, appear even the & other; Black + white + black & throughout; Or & other; White + black + white & throughout; On duty system, the continuous high intensity work extremely easily let the doctor group who suffer from heart disease, sudden death.

as a doctor, they overdraw their health, but many people still & other; Tired and happy & throughout; . null

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