Hefei first birthday centenarians Longevity: good mentality love labor

report from our correspondent childhood help parents cooking laundry; Adult life, field planting, farming harvest, raising baby girl; The 90 – year – old still feed chickens, pigs, sweeping cooking & hellip; & hellip; Yesterday, who lives in the community of shushan district Yang bridge longevity xue-ying liu celebrated their 101th birthday, jurisdiction community workers also comes the birthday cake.

hello grandma eat cake “grandson

birthday for the first time in his life

at 10 PM yesterday, laughter constantly xue-ying liu old man’s home, children are sitting beside the old man. Overhead bridge community work personnel specially comes the birthday cake, birthday to old people. On the table, the aging committee office in anhui province on October issue of centenarians longevity plaque particularly conspicuous.

in 1916, Wang Xiaoying xue-ying liu old man born in overhead bridge village (now four seasons flowers park), 13 years old, came to the village family wu s life five men and two women, a total of seven children. After her husband died in 1960, xue-ying liu put up, pull seven children alone big, lifelong not married again.

xue-ying liu never birthday tradition, is the first time the old man’s birthday yesterday. See the candle light, although the old man did not say too many words, but I can see the old man is happy heart.

body filled with diligence factor

& other; Grandma body is great, the brain is clear, is the ear is not very good. Throughout the &; The old man’s grandson guo-qiang wu, usually rely on gestures and synchronized to communicate with my grandma.

one hundred years, every cell in the body of xue-ying liu industrious factor were active. Ten years ago, has yet to demolition, the 90 – year – old xue-ying liu is in the home to feed the chickens, pigs and all kinds of farm work a cinch, family cooking fires, the old man still help put firewood.

xue-ying liu’s younger son wu) high 63 – year – old, he told the reporters, xue-ying liu help parents housework when she was very young, married into the wu, plow hoeing, cooking laundry, had to take care of seven young children. & other; Father died in 1960, the mother in order to pull our children, life was very hard. But my mother has never complain, life is very optimistic. Throughout the &;

longevity is one of the most important attitude

hundred – year – old xue-ying liu thinking clearly, most of the life can provide for oneself, on the bench can also be at home for a walk. Life work and rest is also very regular, QiBaDian sleep every night, continuing to get up in the morning. Now she and her son and son live together, feel happy.

the old man to say what is the secret to longevity, guo-qiang wu told reporters: & other; Vegetarian, good mentality, get over it, and care about people. A lifetime love of labor, looking very healthy so far. Throughout the &;

xue-ying liu lifetime becoming vegetarian, bite a tooth already no longer, like to eat easy to digest food, & other; My father is kind of fresh vegetables, grandma likes to eat vegetables, not only help to trim vegetables for cooking. Throughout the &; Guo-qiang wu is introduced.

although very hard when I was younger, but xue-ying liu’s attitude is very good, optimistic positive in the face of life, and get over it, never argue with family, mood has been very stable. Today is full of centenarians xue-ying liu can get 3600 yuan a year longevity and health.

& other; We do children is also very filial piety mother, daughter-in-law and grandson’s wife often come here to take care of and give my mother wash clothes, take a bath, etc. Sons and daughters of filial piety, family harmony, state of mind open-minded, it can be learned. Throughout the &; Yukon high wu said.

it is known that area of shushan district a total of 14 centenarians, 11 women, 3 men, is the oldest Li Zhaoren old man born in the year of 1909, the body is good, normal diet. (GeYouPing Hu Zhengqiu hefei in hefei evening ZAKER reporter Zhou Hongwen/figure/video)

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