High-end pension at ten thousand yuan a month or even tens of thousands Ordinary citizens


data figure: light city elderly apartment courtyard clean very clean

visit vanke pension project light city elderly apartment alert endowment costliness

high-grade endowment spent at least 10000 per month?

with the advent of the era of aging population, more and more people begin to pay close attention to pension program, including vanke, everbright, ocean, BeiKong, poly, layout of high-end endowment institutions in Beijing. But Beijing youth daily reporter survey found that higher pension program prices at ten thousand yuan a month or even tens of thousands of yuan, costliness, which makes the demand for pension project has many ordinary citizens.

a few days ago, by vanke and BeiKong holding group (Beijing) officially opened the light of the joint operating city rehabilitation hospital, the hospital and in the same courtyard vanke grace light city elderly apartment together become a & d have combined with other Between example & throughout; . The pension & other; Between example & throughout; Location, close to the north third ring road, was opened by the public and media attention. So, this & other; Between example & throughout; Is a what kind of configuration? Occupancy rate? How much is the fee per month? To understand these problems, the north green news reporter has carried on the field visits to the medical combining central.

north green news reporter investigated understanding to arrive by, more and more people and enterprises begin to pay close attention to pension program, but the price of high-end pension program at ten thousand yuan a month or even tens of thousands of yuan, many ordinary citizens.

visit: 100 beds and then there were about 10

yesterday afternoon, north green newspaper reporters to the city apartment to visit elderly, light a Yu Guangxi door of the apartment in the north village, from the old-age apartment door seven holy way to only 3 minutes walking distance of the north third ring road, 10 minutes to walk to the city gate station, the transportation is convenient.

light city rehabilitation hospital and light city elderly apartment in a yard, light city rehabilitation hospital doorway holding stage, has not been open. It is understood that endowment apartment and hospital two parts is the independent operation, medical part is still in the attempt stage, at present is given priority to with clinic.

staff, before there is a hotel, a former BeiKong under the old company’s assets, then to Beijing vanke, converted into a 100 – bed endowment institutions. Next to the secondary rehabilitation hospital, 130 beds. Light city elderly apartment marketing customer service staff told north green news reporter, at present, we still have about 10 beds in apartment, booking can check in at any time. At present, in the apartment endowment personage is mostly the life cannot provide for oneself, ranging in age from 70 years of age or older.

hot: monthly charges ranging from 10000 to 40000

the personnel of the service, will be provided by the GPS monitoring and 24 hours basis treatment, the professional nursing team is responsible for the daily nursing work, more than 50% for nursing professionals. Every week for room change flowers, elderly medical care facilities will also hold a rich cultural activities.

there are two kinds of single room apartment is roughly, a single room is 20 square metre control, there is a bed and a single person sofa, a TV set, there is no other redundant furniture, price in 15000 yuan per month; Another kind is 40 square metre of single, a double sofa, bedside table, and tea table, the overall layout clean and tidy. Customer service staff, said this house is around 25000 yuan a month. In addition to a single apartment and more than double apartment and apartment products, fee standards is different, generally can be evaluated according to check the status of the old man for tiered pricing, price from 10000 yuan to 40000 yuan per month, costs mainly contains three parts such as rent, fees, meals.

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