High price just need medicine into the health care patients burden experts xu improve drug use is convenient

Beijing, Beijing on October 14 (reporter Zhang Ni) in July, people club department released the medicare drug directory access negotiations result, 36, and the price is just need medicine into the health care, greatly reduce the financial burden on patients. At the same time, how to make the patients can be more convenient for drug also become a focus of public attention. To this, the expert analysis, said in public hospitals to improve negotiation medication is convenient, the need to hospitals, health department, ginseng protect patients participation, in addition, still can explore social pharmacy channels to meet the demand of patients.

people club department commissioner of social security management center agreement and standard liu Juan introduce national health care medicine talks at the meeting. & have spent News agency reporter Zhang Ni taken

14, at the Chinese academy of social security 2017 units health-care professional committee of the symposium and medical insurance payment system reform seminar held in Beijing. The meeting hosted by the health care professional committee of China social security society, green leaves in collaboration with the pharmaceutical group co., LTD.

in the meeting, people club department commissioner of social security management center agreement and standard, according to liu Juan in July, people club department held a news, health care medicine directory negotiating result announced that lasted more than three months of negotiations is completed.

the reporter understands, in April this year, 44 people club department announced plans to negotiate drug list, after negotiation with the relevant enterprises, of which 36 drug negotiations success, multiple ginseng protect personnel demand urgent tumor targeted drugs on the list.

the 36 kinds of drugs into the negotiations of the national basic medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug catalogue (2017 edition) “b class scope, and synchronous identified these drugs to pay for health care standards. Compared with the average retail price of 2016, negotiations and drug average decline reached 44%, the highest up to 70%.

liu Juan is introduced, and by the end of September this year, more than 20 provinces post will negotiate drugs into class b drugs directory.

& other; 36 kinds of drugs which contains tumor targeted drugs, etc., in places will encounter some problems, the implementation of these drugs with poor accessibility, although drugs into the directory, but patients in the hospital get medicine. Throughout the &; Liu Juan said.

data figure: founding of the research and the dispensing window. News agency reporter Zhang Ni taken

this, China pharmaceutical university, vice President of the international medical school Ding Jinxi said in an interview with news reporters, include medicines is usually a patent medicine, at present the mainstream of Chinese patients with access to the patent medicine channel is in public hospitals, but these medicines in the public hospital must overcome many obstacles.

, for example, is on the hospital health care & other Total prepaid & throughout; , public hospitals to control drug accounted for at the same time, this can lead to public hospitals for the introduction of these high prices relatively cautious. To solve these problems need to hospitals, health department, ginseng protect patients in coordination and effort.

Ding Jinxi tells a reporter, and a channel is on international social pharmacy, but still want to go the channels have a lot of problems to be solved, & other; What kind of pharmacy has the ability to provide service for patients? For example, how some targeted drug adverse reaction surveillance? In addition, if is injection, patients may also face from social pharmacy took the medicine, but the hospital refused to injection problem, how to deal with these problem? Throughout the &;

in addition, Ding Jinxi said, unlike public hospitals, health care is hard to control social pharmacy drug sales. Previously, there have been some area by taking the pharmacy way to meet the needs of patients for some drugs, but only for the individual varieties, if thirty-six countries negotiate drug into social pharmacy, you may also need a new evaluation.

& other; But anyway, if can achieve, is one of the biggest benefits for patients. Throughout the &; Ding Jinxi said.

to the problem of how to improve the drug accessibility liu Juan thinks, at present, by the mere force of health care enough, also need to ginseng protect patients timely reflect the appeal through hotline and other forms, multilateral efforts to improve the accessibility of the drug.

she stressed at the same time, relevant departments of the next step is to strengthen the monitoring, tracking effect, provide guidance to the high cost of drugs into the monitored area, monitoring of drug usage, fund and market structure changes, etc., to carry out the evaluation work, for the adjustment of the policy to improve and the drug negotiations provide data support in the future. The

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