High value medical consumables are restricted: is there a hospital to suspend part of the operation (FIG.)

on December 17, 2017, a public hospital in shandong province joint bone tumor surgical ward. The nurse said in December after the unit is not how to charge patients.

by the end of 2017, the first 4 batch of pilot cities public hospital medical income one hundred yuan (not including drug income) of health material consumption has dropped below $20. That is public hospital consumption accounted for 2017 to below 20%.

shandong people, a 63 – year – old liu yun (a pseudonym) just accepted a middle-late colon tumor resection operation. In a shandong provincial public hospital, she lay half his rehabilitation, uncomfortable and small step move, a small chair sitting beside the bed, curled up, covering her belly, & other; This will be more comfortable. Throughout the &;

this is an open operation. Surgery for her to take off a tumor the size of a goose egg, but in her stomach left about 20 cm long closing a wound. Medical paper is generally accepted that, compared with little interference for celiac laparoscopic surgery, intraoperative blood loss, small, open operation of postoperative recovery slow, easily lead to wound infection or abdominal cavity infection, more complications.

she had not subject to such pain and postoperative risk of more. The doctor told her, until November 2017, the hospital also to like her patients with cardiopulmonary function in good condition, no other inflammation, laparoscopic surgery. , belly will only leave a small incision, postoperative recovery fast.

in 1993, Peking University third hospital successful implementation of the country’s first laparoscopic rectal cancer after radical surgery, in the past 15 years, laparoscopic surgery has become the most large hospital gastrointestinal cancer surgery in the treatment of choice.

& other; Was at the hospital laparoscopic surgery technology is very high to & throughout; , the son of liu yun ZQQ told the Beijing news reporter, before December 5 dealt with be admitted to hospital, the doctor called to tell him, suddenly laparoscopic surgery at present can’t do it, just do open operation.

reporter survey found that in the hospital, a similar change include: common hemostatic gauze replaces the antiblocking hemostatic gauze; Can use absorption lines are limited; Import stapling disappear, domestic anastomat or manual suture; Artificial hip joint suspension displacement; Ultrasonic knife was restricted; Needle is used by gradually reduce.

on December 16, 2017, some public hospitals in shandong joints the inpatient corridor, the bed is still more than half empty.

in addition to shandong, in sichuan, guizhou and other places, have a surgical supplies are limited to a similar message. A nationwide limit with surgical consumables storm swept at the end of 2017, as most doctors mouth & other For the first time throughout & consumables storm; .

once public opinion will be directed at health insurance fee, is the result of medical insurance fund deficit; Such speculation by official denied, guizhou who planning commission officials had an interview with Beijing news reporter said that the current medical insurance fund in guizhou stable operation, does not appear & other; Do not cover the closed throughout the &; .

the national health and family planning commission in June 2016 issued a “about control public hospital medical expense unreasonable growth of several opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “certain opinions”), said & other; To by the end of 2017, the medical expense growth below 10%. Throughout the &;

in addition, sichuan and guizhou provinces who planning commission in October 2017, November issued strict control unreasonable medical expenses growth files, which are mentioned & other; High value medical consumables & throughout; .

& other; When to resume operation, after the New Year’s day notice & throughout;

liu yun’s challenge is more than that. Are commonly used in gastrointestinal surgery center venipuncture was informed that cannot be used, instead, the peripheral venipuncture.

central venous catheter inserted from the clavicle, peripheral venipuncture is a view on the arm. More because of the subclavian vein lumen, center venipuncture input macromolecular solution of quick and convenient, do not need to be repeated before discharge needles, and peripheral venipuncture input macromolecular nutrient solution, blood flow speed slower, damage in blood vessels.

& other; Hands are full & throughout; , liu yun ward nurse complains, because the arm blood vessels is thin, long lost nutrient solution to blood vessels are more likely to shrink, the nurses every three to four days to replace the needle to give the patient acupuncture needles, patients also by two hands into rotation.

center venipuncture was originally of surgery anesthesia doctors can get consumable materials, the hospital division of gastrointestinal surgery in-patient department nurse told reporters on December 20, & other; Currently operating room is no longer get, if assessed think bad blood vessels, such as patients with surgical department doctor will himself with a puncture bag central venous catheter (contained) to the operating room. Throughout the &;

in mid-december, reporters visited several provincial public hospitals in shandong province and found that using surgical supplies less medical hospital ward, such as maternity, endocrinology, number of patients did not have too big change. Limbs surgery, orthopedics such use consumables more ward, a doctor straight wave, when asked if he was still do surgery & other; Surgery can not do is not done throughout &; .

liu yun’s hospital heart patients with interventional surgery in the current can only put a stent, the hospital medical department director, told reporters that if congestion is very serious, want to put the two stents, doctors usually reply, I’m sorry, courtyard, if you want to put the import stents, & other; Sorry, you go to the field hospital. Throughout the &;

on December 21, 2017, a public hospital personnel are split open a case of disposable medical consumables. A12 – A13 version photography/Beijing news reporter Wu Jing

at the hospital joint MenZhenChu, surrounded by a lot before the Spring Festival to see & other; Same old & throughout; Of the people. 54 pfund (not her real name), electric welding workers, perennial work bend to squat down, right hip pain, pain in the middle of the night can’t sleep, often can only sit overnight. In December, he was diagnosed with & other; Avascular necrosis of femoral & throughout; Artificial hip joint, the doctor told him that he need to change, but can only wait until after the New Year’s day.

in the joints, artificial joints (artificial knee joint, artificial hip joint, etc.) is almost the only consumables with surgery. But in some cases not must be immediately surgery. By the middle of December, the joints of hospital nurse the patients showed reporters register has registered nearly 30 patients, the patients could not do surgery, and ward dozens beds lived less than 10 patients. & other; When to resume operation, after the New Year’s day notice & throughout; Reply, joint families and nurses.

limit with reason. According to the study of joints of families and patients get the interpretation of the doctors are not the same, & other; Not enough beds & throughout; , & other; Bargain is and drug companies for a second, reduce the orthopaedic consumables cost, haven’t settled & throughout; , & other; Now can take medicine to maintain throughout the &; , & other; Throughout the drug firms do not supply &; .

& other; Now the hospital all day in a meeting to discuss the matter, we also collapse, & throughout; A joint family doctor at the hospital in the middle of December, according to start on the 1st of December, surgery has stopped almost more than half a month. & other; Superior has index limits to the hospital, the hospital departments card index, each department can only reduce the patient. Throughout the &;

mass to stop the use of surgery consumables, the relevant person in charge of the hospital, said & other; No, before it was started in 2017. Throughout the &; And that the relevant person in charge of several public hospitals in shandong province.

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