His voice broke her hair become dense, Turned out to be a male colleague in drug delivery

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when people eat cao issued by bitter when taking food, never thought, his voice broke his hair become dense, the secret is hidden in the bowl take dish & ndash; & ndash; After half a year’s time, some to their colleagues in the consumption of water and food injection of the male hormone testosterone. Classics appraisal, cao constitute the secondary injuries, the weekend was arrest. Trial, the weekend but said the move & other; Just kidding & throughout; . ‘s procuratorate prosecuted by the chengdu high-tech zone, and in May this year, the weekend was to intentional injury by the court sentenced to prison for a year. On November 17, the reporter learned that, this case a second trial has recently approved by chengdu then adjourned, upheld.

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at male colleagues on the male hormone

& other; Have found that the water in the glass has a bitter taste, but always thought that is a question of the cup. Throughout the &; Cao recalled, he was in April 2015, began to feel the water has a bitter taste, to that end, she also replaced several cups.

although cao feel strange, but not too much care about this matter. But gradually, she found her body hair change, the voice became coarse, period have four months did not come, then came to the hospital for a medical. The hospital many times after inspection, found that cao male hormones in the body is on the high side.

cao was a mystery, but always feel it is your own problem, until September 22, 2015, colleagues’ letter told cao, the weekend job in their own water bottle and food with needles & other; Add something & throughout; And there are about half a year’s time.

contact cao hurriedly led unit monitoring to be obtained. Can see in the monitor, the morning of September 16, 9, the weekend was holding a needle repeatedly to their unknown liquid injection, soya-bean milk and take a dish also took a white bottle, the bottle of liquid poured into their own food inside.

police departments will sample inspection and authentication institutions, according to the sichuan west China medical appraisal center (medicine) poison analysis appraisal report, makes ten copies of the test material (that is, the public security organ in the material evidence obtaining 10 examination), in addition to the green glass bottle, and some () marked the amway nutrilite tablets, brown liquid in the bottle, white plastic bottle, and some outside tablets, both to detect the testosterone component, and a testosterone is a kind of male hormones.

a testosterone is not only a physical change, because the weekend delivery of drugs for a long time, a significant rise in cao transaminase, liver damage, the body damage was identified as a minor injury level 2. Medical records reflect, cao inspection materials with the change of liver function index reflects its taking & other; Throughout a testosterone &; History of medicine, the ingredient appraisal, confirm is long-term use of methyl testosterone substances caused by abnormal cao body.

chemical dosage was sentenced to one year

said & other; Just kidding & throughout;

on November 11, 2016, the weekend was arrest. In May 2017, the high court of the case and the defendant some intentionally hurt others body cause minor injuries, their behavior constitute intentional injury, sentenced him to prison for a year. The case in August 2017 in the second instance is upheld. Trial, cao said that, relations between the two family usual general cao zhou, hindsight according to her, in the process of contact, the weekend wife often think of cao’s husband, compared with that of some & other; May be it makes his heart uncomfortable. Throughout the &;

but the weekend, said relations between the two families is very good, & other; Long-term play together & throughout; . For the launch of the drug, he explained to do so just kidding cao, and insists on the vitamin B1, rather than the male hormone. & other; Before he take vitamin pills to insecticide was laughed at, then start to add vitamin her glass of water and food. Throughout the &; Some said.

to undertake attorney Adrian li told reporters that drugs cause person damage of criminal cases happened in your life is not much, the victim usually hard to find, don’t usually think of report, so he warns a citizen common to raise ego to protect consciousness. Moreover, Adrian li also said that although the weekend hasn’t been bought drugs from what channels, but the prescription drugs into the market have severe consequences, so need to strengthen supervision.

(formerly called “his voice broke her hair become dense, turned out to be a male colleague in drug delivery”)

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