Hong Kong announced voluntary health plans each received an average of eighty percent

Beijing, March 2 (Reuters), according to a report in the Hong Kong “da gong bao, a voluntary plan released yesterday, the Hong Kong SAR government fastest April next year, conservative estimates there are 1 million people to participate in, to standard project as an example, the insurance cost about hk $4800 per person per year, security limit of hk $420000 a year, no lifelong safeguard limits, namely every year can win compensation. Sources, and each received an average of eighty percent compensation, cataract surgery can won more than ninety percent more compensation.

voluntary health care provide & other; Standard plan & throughout; And & other; Flexible planning & throughout; Two kinds of products, in order to practice the code of conduct, code of conduct listed related products should meet the requirements, expansion to unknown before insurance covered by the existing conditions, treatment of congenital diseases, ambulatory surgery and non-surgical cancer treatment prescribed. Voluntary health insurance will be based on the principles of the free market, free insurance companies set premium level and adjusted according to the years, but it must be released by age grading premium table, increase transparency and promote competition.

the SAR government sources said, voluntary health care is expected to launch in April of next year, fastest when the insurance industry to offer voluntary health insurance products to customers within the next decade, 21 a cooling-off period. If the insured have unknown disease, before the first policy the first three years of a waiting period, and no compensation for the first year and second year to 25%, 50% is paid in the third year, fourth year up comprehensive compensation. Sources said, if the insured for the third year after that condition, the following up the comprehensive compensation, rather than according to that disease.

surgical care, each operation security limit according to the operation table, including complex procedures such as coronary artery bypass surgery, to ensure maximum of 50000 yuan, major operations such as pleural surgery, upper limit of hk $25000, medium such as cataract surgery, cap of hk $12500, a small surgery such as tennis elbow, cap of hk $5000. The cancer surgery, including target drug protection cap is hk $80000 a year.

sources said the voluntary health care products after receiving policy-holder cost budget, required to provide the entire operation of the compensation, increase price transparency, and also products must provide for the customer the freedom to choose doctors, but allow insurance companies regulations, using the specified doctor customers can obtain higher claim amount.

asked voluntary health care will make public hospital poaching boom, Hong Kong’s secretary for food and health bureau chief Chen began, said don’t launch voluntary health care and reduce the public health service delivery, & among other Flexible planning & throughout; Have higher and more security selection, meet different needs. As for voluntary health care without high-risk pool, she explained, citizens shall not be particularly concerned that, if there is a serious illness can still use the public health service.

the Hong Kong council of private hospitals, said welcome voluntary health plans, can reduce the pressure of public hospitals, thought that voluntary health care products will be the similar products on the market better, agree with the SAR government proposed voluntary health insurance premium can be used as tax cuts, to provide incentives, let more citizens to participate in.

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