Hong Kong during the cervical cancer vaccine, “” nine price supply shortage, vaccination related complaints blowout

3 November morning, Hong Kong consumer council is after surging news & other; Cervical cancer vaccine for nine price & throughout; Reply about surging news (www.thepaper.cn), said the agency has local knowledge of HPV vaccine shortages, also received a number of consumer complaints about the vaccination.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

surging news from Hong Kong consumer council, as of October 18, vaccination related complaints are at blowout, 281 complaints, and the vast majority are caused by delay. After three years (2014-2016), complaints about vaccination in Hong Kong a total of 45.

the agency did not distinguish whether the complaint is associated with HPV vaccine. But the time node and HPV vaccine nine price & other; Better take 9 & throughout; Supply shortages of time closely matched in Hong Kong.

in March 2016, Merck production of HPV vaccine and other nine price; Better take 9 & throughout; Listed in Hong Kong.

but since March 2017, the vaccine supply in Hong Kong last is not stable, and the vaccine prices began to lift.

many Hong Kong clinic suggested that vaccinated from injection needle 3 and a half years, instead of 8 months to one year’s time after injection, to alleviate the shortage of the vaccine.

in addition, the main suppliers to Merck vaccine IT systems was attacked on June 28th, severely disrupted company production network, make & other Better take 9 & throughout; A shortage of worse.

on October 12, Merck to suspend Hong Kong each big clinic nine price HPV vaccine, said it expected to on December 1st, to return to supply.

this leads to the first injection of mainland consumers in Hong Kong, follow-up, third, the second needle & other; The needle & throughout; .

Hong Kong consumer council proposal, consumer is when the vaccination clinics or medical company, keep all the documents or contracts, so that when problems occur in the future, and used as required, including the refund or replace to switch to other vaccines, etc.

Hong Kong consumer council reminds at the same time, consumers should compare different clinics or medical companies first vaccination service plan content and price; More should pay special attention to and ask about the date of vaccination, in order to avoid delays in the future and reduce the vaccine efficacy to the human body.

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