Hong Kong media said Beijing haze is effective Experts warned: or the resurgence

this is taken on December 21, 2017, the Summer Palace, the marble seventeen-arch bridge which & other; Golden light pierced & throughout; The beautiful scenery. Xinhua news agency reporter zhang Cheng taken

reference news network on December 27, Hong Kong media reported this year Beijing residents enjoy the unusual sunny sky, officials said, the measures to solve the problem of the serious pollution appears to be yielding results. However, experts warn that problems could resume.

according to Hong Kong in the south China morning post website reported on December 26, due to the environmental improvement, PM2.5 in November than the same period last year dropped by 54%, average reached 46 micrograms per cubic meter.

according to the report, is in charge of the statistics of the data of the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau, said it was 5 years in November, the lowest value.

report said, citing the Beijing daily news since November 15, the city, since the official start of the winter heating numerical stay in per cubic meter of 38 micrograms, and before the four years of average 93 micrograms.

remember terrible fog in January to local residents to pay attention, this a lot more in the winter sky.

on the 15th of this month, according to official figures released by the Beijing 2017 heavy pollution days to 21 days, and 58, 2013.

Beijing well-known environmentalist ma jun is director of the institute of public and environmental affairs. He told the south China morning post reporter: & other; Government efforts to control pollution. Weather has also helped. Throughout the &;

he said that frequent winds and cold this winter, is one of the important factors to disperse the air pollutants, relevant departments in Beijing and surrounding areas this year will take strict measures to control air pollution.

ma jun said that by the end of this year, Beijing will achieve the goal of the city of PM2.5 concentration control goal in 60 micrograms per cubic meter. This is one of the city’s deadline for five-year plan to control air pollution.

however, he warned that does not rule out the possibility of fog haze weather change back.

ma also said that in Beijing residents to enjoy the blue sky at the same time, other cities have air pollution, such as the southwestern province of sichuan city of chengdu and Shanghai is located in the Yangtze river delta.

this suggests that in order to reduce the concentration of PM2.5 by 2030 to 35 micrograms per cubic meter of the goal, China also faces severe challenges.

according to the report, the Chinese government has put the combat pollution as one of the priorities of next year.

the government will launch a nationwide plan, forcing polluters pay damages. The government also plans to before 2021 to 70% of the northern city heating instead of from coal to natural gas heating.

this year, China has tightened environmental regulations, force can not meet the environmental standards of the factory is closed.

ma jun said, keep the anti-pollution measures is a difficult problem for a long time. He warned that industrial infrastructure in the north of China over the years has always been, still is an obstacle to promote clean energy, and are required to perform adequately.

he said & other; It is necessary to establish the rule of law, to strengthen the environmental monitoring, to improve information transparency and introduce the populace to supervise. Throughout the &; (compile/GeXueLei)

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