Hong Kong winter flu last active death toll rose to 16 people

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Hong Kong January 15 (xinhua) (reporter GaoJie) Hong Kong into the winter flu season has been more than a week, influenza activity continues. 15 the Hong Kong SAR government’s department of health announced the latest figures show that since entering the winter flu season in Hong Kong, adult influenza deaths number 15 cases, and this year the first children flu deaths.

a hib infection of 3 years old girl 15 were confirmed dead in the morning, the infection of children in Hong Kong in 2018, the first cases of flu deaths. Information reported according to the department of health centre for health protection, the girls 5 of this month, a fever, cough with phlegm, sore throat and runny nose symptoms, 6 hospital pediatric intensive care unit, a clinical diagnosis of encephalopathy. Her nose pharynx secretion samples after testing, confirmed response to hepatitis b virus positive.

according to the department of health, and centre for health protection in conjunction with the private hospital monitoring shows that Hong Kong into the winter flu season since January 7 to 14, adults need to stay in the intensive care unit because of the flu cases for 25 cases, including 15 deaths. The severe cases, hib cases for 18 cases.

18 years old the following the crowd, entered since 2018, there were 2 cases of flu cases of serious complications. Were confirmed dead in addition to the 15, 3 years old girl, 14 centre for health protection announced that is investigating the case of children infected with influenza b serious case, involving a long-term patients were 3 years old boy. The boy a clinical diagnosis of influenza b complicated with pneumonia and septic shock, is presently in critical condition.

centre for health protection, is expected to local seasonal influenza activity in the next few weeks will continue to rise, and will maintain at a high level for a period of time.

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