Hospital hall woman suddenly strip make, friends were shocked

?? Modern express (intern reporter Zhu Wenchuan Cai Mengying) some netizens, according to the source about 3 PM on November 20, 50, nanjing in a hospital, clinic triage front hall stood a middle-aged woman, suddenly took off his jacket, only wear underwear and started yelling at him. What happened?

delta source for figure

according to a witness at Mr Xu, he is registered at the time, suddenly heard a woman Shouting, triage front hall and saw she began to take off your clothes. & quot; There were a few enthusiasts, persuasion in the past, let the woman put on clothes don’t catch cold catch cold. But women’s mood is excited, cried out, see the doctor for a long time, but there has been no good & quot; . Subsequently, the hospital report to the police, civilian police to persuade the woman put on clothes, and took her away from the site investigation.

delta source for figure

modern express the reporter understands from the hospital, the woman had done plastic surgery in the hospital, not satisfied with the results of surgery. At present, the two sides still in coordinating the matter.

(edit Gao Miao)??????

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