Hospital internship nurses dispensing play live call is a professional with good medicine

about yulin yulin city of dispatch (reporter guo-qiang zhao), two young women dressed in a nurse’s uniform, the first hospital, live at work using a mobile phone to play in a live broadcast platform, frequent interactions with users, some netizens remind & other; Live not afraid when dispensing with the wrong medicine? Throughout the &;


netizens worry with wrong medicine

women said they are professional wrong not

in the afternoon of October 31, a & other; The nurse to work during the play live & throughout; Video of the widely circulated on the Internet. Video shows, live time is about 3 PM on October 31, during the work time, a pink nurse suits, black-rimmed glasses, blue masks young woman on the phone to broadcast live, from time to time to interact with users, behind the scenes is hospital nurse preparation. Some netizens put forward & other; You are the head nurse? Let me look at the head nurse beautiful not? Throughout the &; The young woman will face mask take off a few times in succession, then put the phone in the workbench, front is another young woman dressed in a pink nurse’s uniform, right hand hold a book, contrast the minute book, left hand dispensing operation. Two men dressed in pink nurse chest emblazoned with uniform & other; The first hospital of yulin city & throughout; With the words.

during the live broadcast, some netizens remind at work can’t live, but two women say does not affect work. Have net friend remind & other; Live not afraid when dispensing with wrong medicine & throughout; , while dispensing woman says they are professional, & other; Throughout the wrong not &; . During the live broadcast, wear glasses girl remind netizens attention her live. The live time more than 1 hours, the total number more than 400 people.

after the video spread on the Internet, netizens. Some netizens said the work to play live right, but as a medical staff, the work and the patient’s life is closely related, need meticulous, playing live during work, it is a trifle with their patient’s safety, since on-the-job should be responsible, but also reflect the hospital management to ascend.

hospital say two women’s department intern

has suspended internship

at 11:00 am yesterday, Chinese reporters learned from the first hospital of yulin city that work during live play two women is yulin colleage in1992.and to hospital internship, worked as an intern in the hospital uropoiesis surgical department, the hospital regular staff. At 4 PM on October 31, the hospital found that, after has to investigate processing, contact yulin colleage in1992.and, suspended for two internships, education, and the two men are criticism demands of two people check, and will be processed.

end of the matter and it reflected the results of the hospital management problems, contact Chinese journalist, vice President of the hospital director, in charge of, related department head, etc., but by the Chinese press time, the above personnel are not. The relevant person in charge of the hospital a said only that the processing results have been reported to yulin district health bureau, the temporary inconvenience revealed to reporters.

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