Hospital jail hanged himself saved the rape girl

legal evening news & middot; View the news (reporter yue three fierce), hubei xianning then a second trial adjourned in rape girl, 44, soho Wang Jijun sentenced to 2 years.

view news reporter noticed that the man is reduced, in addition to plot, victimized female parents understanding, also is the significant contributions during custody & ndash; & ndash; Found in time and prevent hubei maternal and child health care the dean Hu Zubin commit suicide by hanging suicide.

as for Hu Zubin, has been rated as national excellent President, on November 2, 1.91 million yuan on suspicion of bribery and abuse of power for trial, at present has not yet been sentenced. DetailPic

(Hu Zubin)

Hu Zubin just saved down has stopped breathing

Wang Jijun rape criminal judgment, according to this person on December 31, 2016, citing give money to buy a new mobile phone, luring Wang Mou born in February 2004 with the sex, and to give its 13500 yuan.

Wang Mou parents later found new mobile phone, then report to the police. The king after the army captured, writing to Wang Mou parents commercializing, and reached a settlement agreement. Wang Mou and parents are willing to forgive, and request judicial authorities take into consideration the light punishment.

the first-instance court believes that Wang Jijun using underage girls lack of understanding and exchanges, lured by money property Wang Mou rather than have sex, constitute rape. Given confessions, and reached a settlement, and meritorious service such as plot, lighter punishment and sentenced him to prison for three years.

after the sentencing, he appeals, merit and said he was not only, but should be considered significant contributions. Finally, xianning then adopted the opinions, convicted of the rape, sentence from 3 years to 2 years.

view journalists noticed that major contributions in court on August 16, the king of the forces under custody during chongyang guards, timely detection of detainees Hu Mou suicide, and actively participate in the rescue, avoid the detainees with the major responsibility of the accident, his suicide can be seen as & other; Other is conducive to the outstanding performance of the state and society throughout the &; .

as, 20 points, when the morning 6 Wang Jijun found detainees Hu Mou in room D10 rope hanging, then shouted for help and quickly form a ladder embrace Hu Mou legs up top. The police on duty after liu a, Guo Changquan and detainees some under the rescue, but soldiers and civilians, Su Mou, stopped breathing Hu Mou 2 gradually returned to breathe.

the first-instance court to disclose more details: when Hu Mou facial discoloration, mouth, nose bleeding, tongue. Wang Jijun then shouted for help and quickly form a ladder hold up through the legs. Detainees Su Mou rope ladder solution form a word, the weekend to find scissors to snip Su Mou ropes, everybody together to free Hu Mou down on the ground.

when Hu Mou stopped breathing, detainees immediately press Hu Mou chest, make its gradually restore breathing, has saved the life of Hu Mou success.

accused to nearly 40 million loss of state-owned assets

as for the above mentioned’s hu, judgment, for the hubei maternal and child health care was dean, doctoral degree, 1.91 million yuan on suspicion of bribery and abuse of power cause loss of state-owned assets is more than yuan 38.84 million v, it is in the trial.

view journalists found that for Hu Zubin Hu Mou full name, was born in April 1962, a former medical doctor association, vice President of hubei province, member of the China preventive medicine association, vice President of hubei province, in November 2006 was named the national excellent director.

in May this year, hubei province, director of the National People’s Congress standing committee meeting to do about the permission for deputies Hu Zubin compulsory measures report. Reported that on October 19, 2016, the people’s procuratorate of hubei province to the delegates chosen by the wuhan city, the provincial education science culture and health committee, a maternity and child care director of hubei province, hubei healthcare Hu Zubin property co., LTD., chairman and general manager to take coercive measures.

, according to the provincial inspection Hu Zubin wang mou to drugs and devices with borrow the name of supplier for 100000 yuan, and to the investment, investment and other equipment suppliers such as li mou a partnership registered company, engaged in sales of medical equipment and other business, from illegal profits of more than 230 230 yuan; Help a company wang mou the province women’s and children’s maternity building decoration engineering contracting, suspected of taking bribes of 1 million yuan.

view news reporter also noticed that, on August 17, this year, city of hubei province county people’s procuratorate to Hu Zubin suspicion of bribery and abuse of position of Hu Zubin sued to the court.

the prosecution charges: during the period of 2004 to 2013, Hu Zubin suspected of using its duty behavior, benefit for others, accepting bribes from the people for a total of 1.91 million yuan. Hu Zubin also suspected of illegal disposal of state-owned assets, the loss of state-owned assets of more than 38.84 million yuan.

on Nov. 2, the case in court, the court session of the first city in hubei province development planning commission, provincial maternal and child health care and other units around 25 leading cadres in a full part. Due to the complexity of the case facts, the impact is bigger, the court said it would continue tried publicly.

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