Hospital to install face recognition system will be “sniper” familiar faces, dealers

in order to hit dealers, the Beijing health planning commission began to & other; Black technology & throughout; Thanks. Held yesterday, the Beijing news reporter from the Beijing health planning work conference that at present, Beijing has about 30 hospitals installed with a face recognition system, for & other; Familiar face & throughout; The number of dealers, will jointly with the public security departments, to discourage and processing in a timely manner. In addition, the health development planning commission also book the tickets for railway network & other; Slow line & throughout; System to understand, is expected to introduce hospital registration system, reduce the register number dealer’s instant success rate.


about 30 hospitals install face recognition system

normal registered channels to hang on, and, in the hands of a dealer, the source is sold at auction, this phenomenon has a lot of teeth ordinary patients. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Beijing health planning commission in order to hit the dealer, who in Beijing development planning commission adopted a variety of means, and provide the & other; Black technology & throughout; Thanks, number in response to the traffickers’ new number means.

Beijing health development planning commission director LeiHaiChao introduction, since 2015, Beijing has regulation & other; Dealers throughout the &; And & other Network cure & throughout; More than 2000 people. This year, Beijing will set up law enforcement, registered platform and medical institutions tripartite Shared & other; Dealers throughout the &; Blacklist system, full implementation of joint strike punishment & other; Dealers throughout the &; Work measures. In tertiary hospitals & other; In the type & throughout; Supervision, the standard and the service behavior of practice of a medical institution, promote the medical quality and safety.

advanced technology has been applied to the regulation. LeiHaiChao disclosed that at present, the founding, the research and the temple of heaven hospital have about 30 hospitals install a face recognition system. & other; This system mainly aims at around to fall, often in the hospital, after entering the hospital, these & lsquo; Familiar face & rsquo; Can be identified, the staff and the police can be dealt with timely advice & throughout; . However, due to the system requires large capital investment, plus the camera number is limited, can’t completely cover every corner of the hospital, there & other; Blind spot & throughout; Implemented, there are still some difficulties.

in addition, the health system also learn from the railway system, 12306 tickets & research reference other Slow line & throughout; Mechanism. Spring Festival this year, 12306 launched slow queuing mechanism, the ticket machine or if there are any users suspected used plugins rob tickets, will be included in the queue, slow to conform to the provisions of the user in normal speed line up. & other; We have already sent to study in railway departments and see if I can register to apply this technology platform, determine the number after the dealer, although not completely deprived of their right to register, but will reduce the chance of them immediately registered, help more patients hang up the number of real demand & throughout; .

Beijing last year for 264000 infants

according to the statistical data, the Beijing health planning commission in 2016 newborns in the city of 280000, the number has reached the 30-year highs. Births to 264000 last year, fell by 16000 than the previous year, but compared with 2013, increased by 22%.

& other; Two children let go before, Beijing newborns each year between 220000-230000. Comprehensive two child policy at the beginning of 2015 has just come on stage, when there are no obvious peak; 2016 is the year of the monkey, according to the culture we tend to have a monkey, so the peak in the past 30 years in 2016; Last year, despite the callback, but is still a high. Throughout the &; LeiHaiChao said, according to the analysis, this year is the year of birth is higher, but not beyond the peak in 2016.

to address & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; Policy adjustment after the baby boom, Beijing take many measures to increase the resources of midwifery, including the establishment of document service center, an increase of 1400 pregnant women obstetric table, add 800 midwives, etc. Downtown at the same time, the establishment of medical institution level 3 report maternal critical evaluation system, perfecting the urban critically ill newborn consultation network.

this year, Beijing will push & other; Total fertility cycle & throughout; Accurate service, & other; The reproductive cycle is to point to from pregnancy to childbirth, to early childhood development process. Increase pregnant women health knowledge, promote safe delivery, and promote the children early health development, improve the health quality of birth population. Throughout the &; LeiHaiChao is introduced, in addition, this year will also increase the scope of diseases subject to free screening examination of diseases of newborn babies, specific projects are currently studying.


government agencies for the first time in tobacco control & other; HeiBang & throughout;

yesterday, the Beijing association of tobacco control, information about tobacco control conference was held three months to be complained illegal to smoke exposure units. Among them, the government authority for the first time into the top 20 & other; HeiBang & throughout; .

& other; Beijing tobacco control picture & throughout; In 2017, according to data on November 1, 2018, to January 31, & other; Smokeless throughout Beijing &; Micro letter received from the public, the complaints of illegal tobacco control action report 3920 (August 2017 – the data for October 2717), mainly concentrated in the industry sort for office (including buildings), 1702 (43.4%), dining room, 1272 (32.4%), shopping, Internet cafes, entertainment venues, 455 (11.6%), and other 491 (12.5%).

the complaints to report in the first 20 units in xicheng district of Beijing commerce commission on illegal smoking list, are the masses complained illegal to smoke up to 10 times in a row, it is illegal to smoke place mainly in the floor toilet, in the corridor. Beijing tobacco association relevant controller introduces, this is the first time government agencies into & other; HeiBang & throughout; , compared with ordinary office building, government agencies are more strict security, tobacco control volunteers cannot enter, therefore more internal management attention is required.

my 2016, the state jointly issued by the “on the leading cadre to take the lead in the relevant provisions of the ban smoking in public places”, definitely require the party and government organs at various levels shall strive to build a smoke-free organs, the leading cadre to take the lead to ban smoking in public places. Think of Beijing tobacco control association, xicheng district commerce committee in implementing & other; LiangBan & throughout; Rules and regulations on the Beijing tobacco control still needs & other; Under the big strength & throughout; , & other Serious & throughout; Responsibilities and obligations given by the ability to implement laws and regulations.

in addition, a number of units of illegal failures to prohibit smoking behavior. Jin yuan era business center, wangjing SOHO, rui international center in May 2017, August, and three times this month on illegal smoking list, three units accumulated by the public complaints smoking illegal behavior as much as 115 times.

20 tops the list of complaints unit is still concentrated in urban areas, the proportion of chaoyang, haidian districts were complaints and most times, the four tops the list of complaints unit of haidian district was exposed to eight than last time cut in half, chaoyang district than last time exposure and to increase the two; Dongcheng district in addition to the most capital located at the top of the tower of complaints, the last time was exposed the rest of the three units have listed again; City, district six the shijingshan district still keep the good momentum of no units on the list; Fengtai, changping, daxing each have 1-2 units was exposed for the first time.

Beijing news reporter Dai Xuan

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