How much of a antibiotics abuse? “Can’t buy you can cultivate bacteria eggs!”

antibiotics abuse attention again.

& other; Institute a technician we antibiotics, told me one thing. Dean said his horse, now buy eggs. How could I say eggs can’t buy? The street where you can’t buy the eggs. He told me that they need a lot of the cultivation of the bacteria use egg whites, but he buy eggs from the market, the extraction of egg qing dynasty to bacteria, raise a dead one. Throughout the &; Recently, at a medical conference, Shanghai huashan hospital of fudan university, vice President of professor Ma Xin interpretation in the rational use of drugs, to share the story.

& other; It looks like a joke story, reflects a profound social problem, it is many food contain antibiotics . This is a very serious realistic problem, is also a public health problem in need of attention. Throughout the &; Professor Ma Xin admits.

antibiotics abuse fierce in tiger

the appearance of antibiotics such as miracle help human beings to solve the numerous problems, make human in fighting with a number of diseases can dominate. , says sun jing, a professor at the Chinese academy of medical sciences, but in recent years, errors and excessive use of antibiotics before let not resist bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, and poses a serious threat to the healthcare system.

according to the medical observation, at present our country clinic patients with colds about 75% use antibiotic drugs, surgical application of antibiotic drugs is as high as 95%. Internal medicine, surgery and so on big department is one of the biggest department of antibiotic drug consumption.

at the G20 summit of the leaders of the G20 summit communique hangzhou, in the last part of the specifically enumerated in this paper, the factors influence the world economy, including the UK out of Europe, climate change, refugees, terrorism, antibiotic resistance, etc. 5. This means that the topic of antibiotic resistance increase in the international level, become a is equal to climate change and terrorism worldwide problems.

& other; China is the use of antibiotics superpower, annual production of 210000 tons, exports of 30000 tons, the rest all self locking, per capita consumption of 138 grams, is America’s 10 times. Throughout the &; as early as 2015, a British economist Jim & middot; O ‘neill is pointed out that China antibiotic-resistant infections should be included in the discussion at the G20 summit in 2016. & other; If we do not take appropriate measures, all people will be under the threat of antibiotic resistance to death. Throughout the &;

the abuse of antibiotics has become the world’s problems, the national rational drug use monitoring system, according to the country of the most widely used drugs are antibiotics clinically. According to the national food drug administration statistics, adverse drug reaction cases, accounted for the highest and antibiotics.

every department is faced with the problem of anti-infection

the severe form, anti-infection and now is all departments must be facing an issue.

& other; At present domestic exists the problem of excessive use of antibiotics, but as an orthopedic surgeon, the application of antibiotics in orthopaedics is also a very difficult problem. Throughout the &; Zhejiang xinhua hospital orthopedics attending doctors Zhao You told “medicine” : & other; Many orthopaedic surgery, once the infection occurs, is disastrous. As a result, the compared to other departments, orthopaedic antibiotics abuse is likely to be more serious. & throughout;

yes, infection is a common complication of surgery, for common need for internal fixation or prosthesis implanted bone surgery, infection often is a catastrophic complication, serious impact on the healing of the surgical site. When the infection occurs, it is applied antibiotic treatment is necessary.

of course, the answer to the question of the abuse of antibiotics also have relatively optimistic view. & other; I think for the use of antibiotics, currently the vast majority are in accordance with the guidelines and norms in the operation. But due to the bacterial drug resistance and difficult to control infection, it may cause the clinical doctors proper also increase the use of antibiotics. Throughout the &; Zhejiang university medical school first affiliated hospital infection physician Zhao Hong told the medical community.

now with the national policy of gradually perfect, also in improving the health condition, doctors at all levels of medical treatment level has also been gradually improve. Believe that after this a problem, can be effectively controlled.

two factors lead to antibiotics abuse

& other; The clinical application of antibacterial drugs now exists many unreasonable phenomenon, there are two main reasons for this. Throughout the &; , vice President of the run run shaw hospital affiliated to zhejiang university school of medicine, infection of yun-song think: & other; The first is our there are some problems in training system , many departments do not trained in system of antimicrobial infection, you are not the professional, may have less understanding of this infection. Throughout the &;

yun-song also revealed: & other; China is infectious diseases physician team also very little , there are a lot of no infection of hospital, although have, also is give priority to in order to treat liver disease, tuberculosis, the application of antimicrobial agents, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, diagnosis ability and application ability, there are problems. it is the two reasons that caused our country many clinical antibacterial drug use non-standard problems. Throughout the &;

according to professional personage points out, the overuse of antibiotics, as a result of bacterial drug resistance problems, later also will face a more severe form. & other; Including our life.and superbugs, these are our clinical doctors or medical experts in the field of related to face problems. Throughout the &;

sniper antibiotics abuse resistance and long way

not reasonable use of antibiotics in medicine is the most direct. Beijing anzhen hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, professor, director of the physician guang-fa zhu told the medical profession, & other; There are more and more each system infection, infection of etiology is very complex, with bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other special etiology of infection. Throughout the &;

guang-fa zhu said, & other; Clinical doctor, for the requirement of the antibiotics, the first thing to make a definite diagnosis , is what kind of infection is the patient, this is very important; Second, choose in medicine, with a narrow of antibiotics , etiology, between is restraining each other, if only in a very broad spectrum antibiotics, will put all the etiology of inhibition, so conducive to disease control, even lead to bacterial flora disorder, cause more complicated infection. Throughout the &;

a survey published by the world health organization (WHO) can support guang-fa zhu’s view: China hospitalized patients antibiotic utilization rate is as high as 80%, the broad-spectrum antibiotics and the combination of two or more of the ratio as high as 58%, far more than 30% of the international level. Our country not only in the hospitals, pharmacy antibiotics is quite large, the proportion of antibiotics is common people’s home anywhere.

in addition to the doctor’s clinical medicine, also issued a number of national policy documents. As early as in August 2012, with the & other; Throughout history the most severe resistance limit &; of the clinical application of antibacterial drugs management method “has been officially implemented. According to the regulation, the doctor to prescribe antibiotics, must according to the patient’s symptoms, signs, blood and urine routine laboratory test results, a preliminary diagnosis of bacterial infections to application of antimicrobial agents. And the lack of evidence of bacteria and pathogenic microorganism infection and viral infection, can use of antibacterial drugs.

in addition, along with the advancement of new medical reform, public hospital cancel outpatient infusion, abuse of antibiotics also played a great deterrent. in recent years, much of the country control or cancel outpatient transfusion treatment, the most direct reason to cancel outpatient infusion is to solve the problem of antibiotic abuse.

of course, medicine and health care sector and the government also made a lot of work, in 2010, the average inpatient antibiotics utilization rate is as high as 67.3%, fell to 39.1% in 2015. Another, according to national health development planning commission at the end of 2011 to 2011, the proportion of outpatient prescription in our country use of antimicrobial agents was reduced by 8.5% in five years, fruitful.

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