How these behaviors can harm the eyes protect the child’s eyes

When children come to this world, clear and bright eyes lovable, when he suddenly flashed eyes interact with us, I believe everyone will be infinitely delighted. However, many young parents inadvertently made mistakes in companionship and caring for their children, causing their children’s clear eyes to lose their glory. How to protect your child’s eyes?

Hurt the eyes of children’s behavior

1, to wear sunglasses to children

Tidal tide mother new mom who always want to dress up their children, let the children wear sunglasses to dress up. As everyone knows, parents love children’s actions are hurting the child’s eyes! Children’s retina and lens are not yet mature, they need brighter light and clear objects to stimulate development, while darker sunglasses, hinder the normal development of children’s vision.

2, prolonged use of electronic products

“Usually busy with homework at home, no time to see children, but the children stopped playing Ipad, I can have a few hours cooking to clean up the room … …” Parents for convenience or to appease the crying child , Indulge them to use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. However, the long-term use of electronic products, a great harm to the eyes. Over time, children’s vision will be getting worse!

3, noisy noise

Some studies have pointed out that the noise can reduce the human eye sensitivity to light, but also make the stability of visual clarity decreased. Noise will also make the color vision, color vision abnormalities, so that the eye symmetry of moving objects balance the reaction failure. Therefore, families with children should not place high-noise household appliances, watch TV or listen to songs, do not put the sound too much, children’s bedroom should pay attention to the quiet environment.

4, look at the strong sun

Sunbatching is good for children’s development, but mothers should pay attention to wearing sunshades, sunshades and sunglasses when they go out. Do not let the strong sunlight directly impinge on the children’s eyes. These glares may cause burns On the child’s eyes. Therefore, experts suggest that when sunny day out, choose the right sun hat, sunshade and sunglasses according to the child’s age.

How to protect children’s eyes

1, to avoid eye injuries

Children have a strong curiosity, two-year-old children rickety when walking, so parents should pay special attention to the home items and decorations, so as not to hurt the child’s eyes. Some angular goods with the best cushion, all sharp daily necessities, such as toothpicks, pencils, scissors, forks, chopsticks, etc., should be carefully collected.

2, correct eye

While helping the children to take a bath, parents wipe the eyes with gauze dipped in warm water (or cold towel with cold water), gently wipe the eyes from the end of the eye to the end of the eye, remember not to wipe back and forth, this will make the bacteria back and forth infection. When having children go out, if your child’s eyes have mucus or other dirt, it is advisable to wipe the child’s eyes with paper towels or cold water to remove the wipes. Because carrying a small handkerchief if the child rubbed his hands and feet, may be attached to some bacteria or dust, and if this handkerchief wipe the child’s eyes, the bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the child’s eyes, causing infection.