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A Comparison Between Indica and Sativa

Weed comes in two different strains, that is Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. It is a natural herb that has been known for its medicinal value. The benefits are immense and the two strains have actually helped a ton of people feel better across the world. Only a handful of experienced weed users or handlers can tell the difference between the two strains. Only a few of the people [who use it can actually tell the difference. Here’ some differences between indica and sativa.

How it reacts in the body upon consumption is one way to tell the difference. The indica strain usually leaves the body relaxed and calm while sativa leaves the body energized and with a burst of energy. The duration the effects may last on the person can only be determined by the body metabolism. The thing is, the effects upon consumption are as different as day and night.

Among the difference between sativa and Indica is that they all have different uses, however, each is effective in its own way. When it comes to relieving fatigue and heaviness of heart, sativa stands out and is the best. When it comes to Indica, it is prominent to helping with people who suffer from lack of sleep. It conquers in the world of insomnia.

There is also the factor of the yielding capabilities and sativa produces more and this is among the aspects that places sativa at the top. On the contrary, Indica has a small yield capabilities. The size of the plant has a great effect when it comes to production. Sativa will yield more as a result of having a large plant. On the other hand, a person who planted Indica shall harvest less given that it has a small plant and the smaller the plant the less an individual shall harvest.The effects they have when used and their production, should guide you on which plant that is better than the other.

One of the differences between the indica and sativa varieties is the place of origin. Indica is popular in the Indian subcontinent as the name suggests and central Asia too. Sativa comes from areas around the equator, countries like Mexico and Thailand. Another obvious difference is in the appearance of the plants. You will realize that indica varieties have broader leaves compared to sativa varieties. When you look at the sativa leaves, you will notice that they are slim.

When the plant grows to maturity, indica varieties are much shorter than the sativa varieties, they are also denser and because the buds grow in clusters, it looks very compact. When mature, sativa varieties grow pretty tall and have longer buds but when weighed it is lighter. In terms of odor, the indica varieties have a more intense odor. Because indica flowers earlier, it will be harvested before sativa.

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