How to prevent fetal malformations after pregnancy?

No matter how healthy couples are likely to produce deformed children. Therefore, many expectant mothers have a fear of deformed children, which is understandable, who do not want their children healthy? So, how to prevent fetal malformations after pregnancy?

When pregnant women do not know their own pregnancy, mistakenly summon some of the flu, digestion, skin and other drugs, they will cause their children with malformations of psychological panic, many pregnant women had been for such reasons to the hospital for the fetus is deformed Children’s examination. And do not know the case of pregnancy, filming X-rays, drinking, smoking is also the cause of psychological panic. In fact, do not have to worry about deformed children. In fact, even taking some drugs without their knowledge, most of them showed no abnormalities in the fetus after being closely examined, and the baby was generally healthy after birth.

Prevention of deformities should pay attention to the health care during pregnancy, in order to prevent fetal neural tube defects should pay attention to regular folic acid supplementation. Of course, we must also pay attention to pre-pregnancy check. Pre-pregnancy checks include: First, do routine physical examination of pregnant women, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, gynecological examination. Second, prenatal and postnatal screening, such as rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus antibody detection. The third is for patients with repeated abortion, you can check the chromosomes, blocking antibodies. Another is the pregnancy check, the pregnancy is generally not less than 10 times the routine examination, of course, each of the inspection items will be different, which need to follow the specific recommendations of obstetrics and gynecology, according to the card check process. Drainage inspection done well, generally able to grasp the development of the fetus to understand whether the fetus deformity.