How to treat cough syrup in the United States to fame? Administration of traditional Chinese medicine guo-qiang wang, director of the response

news agency reported on March 3, 2018 national annual & other; Minister channel & throughout; On March 3rd thirteenth session of the CPPCC national committee meeting in the afternoon after the opening sitting officially open.

director of state administration of traditional Chinese guo-qiang wang came fourth minister channel of the guest.

reporter: it is reported that there is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine cough syrup in the United States, you can see more and more foreign friends began to favor of traditional Chinese medicine, in your opinion, traditional Chinese medicine & other; Go out & throughout; The prospect of how?

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

guo-qiang wang: traditional Chinese medicine has been used in 183 countries and regions, 17 center of traditional Chinese medicine was established. But there is still a long way to go, the cultural identity of Chinese medicine should have a process, access to have some obstacles. But as long as is good for human health, (we will).

guo-qiang wang: especially Chinese medicine can cure, and the characteristics of disease prevention, makes people less sick, sick later, health care, using the non-drug therapy to cure, on the one hand, reduce the damage, on the one hand, cost saving. Really let go to the world of traditional Chinese medicine, we first need to do your own thing better, such as theoretical work should be drugs.

guo-qiang wang said, need to get at the grassroots medical service, medical hall, the founding of the Chinese pavilion, provide better services of traditional Chinese medicine, to solve any problem, first to solve the problem of very not good. Help health China, rural revitalization. Strengthening the study of grassroots medical staff, strengthening the construction of talent. Establish medical couplet, the city of high quality resources to sink to the grassroots. Earnestly implement the method of traditional Chinese medicine, make more qualified Chinese medicine personnel, can open the clinic.

(according to the network characters live)

(formerly called “guo-qiang wang: traditional Chinese medicine has been used in 183 countries and regions”)

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