How to treat pediatric cold care care during treatment is very important

Cold is a common disease. Children have a cold more frequently. We need reasonable treatment after the child has a cold. At the same time, we must also make daily childcare work and promote the cure of the disease in many aspects.

Pediatric cold treatment

1, drug treatment:

(1) to cure: If it is a viral infection, you can take traditional Chinese medicine or secretory IgA nasal drops for treatment. For the latter treatment, taking 0.3-0.5mg / kg daily, 6-8 times, continuous drops 2-3 days can be; bacterial infections can take antibiotics such as penicillin for treatment. However, we must pay attention to avoid the abuse of antibiotics, such as the virus caused by cold without penicillin to treat. If there is still no sign of improvement after 2-3 days of antibiotic use, then it may be an infection of other pathogens.

(2) supportive therapy: children with high fever, cold head cooling can be used to relieve symptoms, which not only can play a cooling effect, but also can effectively avoid convulsions at high temperature; parents can give their children taking aspirin or acetaminophen antipyretics, However, care should be taken not to overdose, so as to avoid accidents such as collapse; cough medicine can not be used in large doses for the treatment of cough, especially infants.

2, local treatment: If there is laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, then you can take compound boric acid solution (Duobai solution) or mouthwash to alleviate the symptoms with light salt water. If you have rhinitis, then try to ensure that patients sleep, in addition to eating or sleeping through nose drops to reduce nasal congestion, in order to maintain its breathing patency. Specifically, 4-6 times a day, each drop of 2-3 drops per nostril. It should be noted that the baby can not use oil-based nasal drops, because these drugs may be inhaled into the lower respiratory tract, causing lipid pneumonia.

3, the treatment of complications: the incidence of pediatric cold, according to the specific circumstances of children, take corresponding measures.

Pediatric cold care routine

1, pay attention to rest: during the illness must have adequate rest, in addition to do the eradication of disease and then do activities, to avoid recurrence.

2, a reasonable diet: try to choose easily digestible food (eg, liquid, soft food), and to be Eat small meals. Parents can prepare juices for their children to supplement the body’s vitamins. Children’s condition improved, you can gradually return to normal diet.

3, physical cooling: the first to use physical cooling method, followed by consumption of antipyretics. Common physical cooling head cooling, warm sponge bath and so on. Note that before using the physical cooling, indoor air circulation should be guaranteed, quiet.

(1) head cold: deposited with a wet towel in the baby’s head, it should be noted that should be replaced every 5-10min, in order to achieve the best cooling effect;

(2) warm sponge bath: the main body of children wipe, pay attention to the temperature should not be overheating. You can use a towel to wipe double axils and groin several times, in order to achieve the purpose of cooling.

(3) cold saline enema: 30-32 ℃ saline for enema, which not only can effectively reduce the temperature, but also can take convenient examination of the stool.

4, effective sweating: In a cold, children should drink plenty of water, so that not only can promote the body’s circulation, but also can promote perspiration, reduce body temperature.

5, suitable environment: quiet, comfortable environment, to ensure that children have a good sleep. To ensure the circulation of air, but can not blow the wind against children; children should choose loose clothes, easy to heat and perspiration. After taking anti-fever medicine, there may be a large number of sweating phenomenon, this time to change the clothes in time for the children.

6, observe the changes at any time: Parents should pay special attention to observe the signs of convulsions, so that prevention in advance. Convulsions can be prevented by taking “luminal”, but consult a physician before using it; if there is a herpes in the mouth and a skin rash on the skin, seek medical advice promptly.

Pediatric cold precautions

1, when the baby stuffy nose, when mothers can use saline drops into the baby’s nose, and then to achieve the purpose of diluting the nose to make it easier to clean. At the same time can also be a medical cotton swab or nasal suction device to stick out the nose within the child’s nose.

2, the baby’s head padded. When the baby sleeps, a pillow under the head of his head, can make the baby more comfortable.

3, the use of humidifiers. Use the humidifier to keep the baby’s room moist, damp air can relieve the baby stuffy nose.

4, when children with severe nasal congestion, you can consider the following drugs to ease. (If not improved, please bring your child to the hospital in time):

(1) children cough, phlegm situation: If this happens to the baby, mothers may wish to consider Qingfei Huatan particles, pediatric cough syrup, pediatric consumer anti-cough oral liquid or Bao Yin and other aspects of the drug.

(2) pediatric fever: in this case taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or children fever stickers are a good choice, if coupled with the physical cooling method will be better.

(3) pediatric sore throat: you can take throat tablets, soothing the baby’s throat.

(4) infantile loss of appetite caused by the weakness of the spleen and stomach: Pediatric Qixing tea or infant spleen scattered (baby prime) are a good choice.

(5) infantile tonsillitis: Moms may wish to consider Pediatric Qixing tea, pediatric Pharyngeal Granules Tongue thick and pediatric Zhenzheng Dan and other aspects of the drug.

(6) runny nose in children: If it is because of the cold cold, Paul infant Dan is a good choice; if it is because of cold and wind, the choice of taurocapram and children Po Taikang better