HPV bivalent vaccine in shenzhen is much cheaper than Hong Kong 1200 yuan

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a few days ago, shenzhen ushered in the first needle HPV vaccine injections. , on the other side of a river between Hong Kong also became cluster vaccinated with flourishing. In Hong Kong, HPV vaccine tetravalent, nine price and mainland currently no listing plan nine vaccines for out of stock. Now some bivalent vaccine has been available in shenzhen and the mainland city of injection, tetravalent vaccine around New Year’s day next year to deep. Don’t play the HPV vaccine want group in Hong Kong? Bivalent, tetravalent, nine price and how to choose?

according to introducing, human papilloma virus (HPV) has more than 100 subtypes. Vaccine valence number represents the number of subtypes, namely can resist many types of HPV types of segmentation. The higher the price, the bigger the coverage. At present, the price of nine vaccines are in research and development process.

Hong Kong nine vaccine shortages have agent forward bivalent vaccine price

many made an appointment for a vaccine of inject nine price in October after consumers are told by Hong Kong injection of medical institutions, to cancel or change to make an appointment for next year’s time. Mongkok,

a global chain of medical center for vaccine given nine price from hk $4300 to hk $5300 in May, raised hk $1000.

in fact, Hong Kong & other; Vaccine shortages & throughout; Scenario continues to already a long time, especially in HPV vaccine nine price to represent it. Ms yuan from shenzhen in September this year just completed the first needle injection HPV vaccine nine price. Can wait until the second booking needle, the time is from the original mid-november until mid to late January next year. The original injection treatment also has been extended from six months to complete to a year. In October this year, manufacturers MSD issued a circular, suspend all nine valence vaccine supply in Hong Kong, recovery is expected to the fastest delivery time to December this year. Many made an appointment for a vaccine of inject nine price in October after consumers are told by medical injection institutions in Hong Kong, to cancel the trip or to make an appointment for next year’s time. Mong kok, a global chain medical center for vaccine given nine price from hk $4300 to hk $5300 in May, raised hk $1000.

because out of stock, a lot of Hong Kong medical injection institutions in order to retain the provisional Hong Kong guest, also began to recommend the H PV bivalent vaccine. A health care consultant of Hong Kong, HPV bivalent vaccine also has the advantage, both of which can effectively prevent high-risk 16, 18 subtype cause cervical cancer, the price of nine vaccine, 31, 33, 45, 52 subtypes have cross protection. Compared with nine price vaccine, bivalent vaccine on the two subtypes of protective protection time longer.

more vaccine agent described, & other; If the vaccine is nine price iPhone8, tetravalent vaccine is iPhone6, bivalent vaccine is not the iphone 4, but the new android & throughout; .

to this, the lo wu, said wang Wu Xin, director of the traditional Chinese adult vaccination outpatient service two vaccines in cervical cancer prevention effect is not obvious difference, but the immune protect time vary from person to person. Foreign data show that nine vaccine can prevent about 90% of cerical cancer. In our country, the bivalent vaccine could prevent about 80% of cerical cancer, cervical cancer prevention effect is the same as the price of 4 seedlings. Nine price H PV in effective prevention of cervical cancer vaccine at the same time, also can effectively reduce the risk of anal cancer and vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer risk, at the same time can reduce the reproductive organs infection of pointed condyloma. The bivalent vaccine against women, only four and nine price vaccine is wider.

shenzhen kang district clubs will launch the bivalent vaccine

shenzhen HPV bivalent vaccine three stitches down price is RMB 1815 yuan. Hong Kong is now the same HPV bivalent vaccine, the three stitches of the total price is about 3600 Hong Kong dollars.

the next district related social well-being will launch the bivalent HPV vaccine, supply of goods to meet the demand of shenzhen citizen.

how about the price of Hong Kong’s vaccine? SMW reporter learned that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, the current shenzhen H for PV bivalent vaccine immunization aged 9 ~ 25, three injections, completed within half a year. $580 per needle and injection cost 25 yuan each time, three stitches down total price is RMB 1815 yuan. The reporter inquiry, Hong Kong is now the same H PV bivalent vaccine, three stitches of the total price is about 3600 Hong Kong dollars. According to the real-time exchange rates for the renminbi, Hong Kong Hong Kong H PV bivalent vaccine price is about 3070 yuan, the whole expensive than shenzhen out 1200 yuan. If plus three trips deep port transportation, and the journey time, economy cost and time cost will be greatly increased.

on supply, luohu district vaccine has 500 doses of adult vaccination outpatient service, which is 1500. Futian district is equipped with 200 doses, a total of 600. Kang district related clubs will both launch next bivalent H PV vaccine, supply of goods to meet the demand of shenzhen citizen.

Hong Kong industry insiders, with the H PV bivalent and tetravalent vaccine is introduced in the mainland, bivalent vaccine or will lose & other; Keep the temporary guest & throughout; Competitiveness. But for the guests on the mainland, the Hong Kong market has nine price vaccine, as long as demand in, and in short supply, the prices will remain high. And around the world, tetravalent vaccine and nine price market share far in excess of the bivalent vaccine. In the short term, therefore, the Hong Kong H PV vaccine market will not be affected by too much.

for shenzhen resident ms Chen, don’t miss the best injection time, at home can immediately make an appointment and on vaccine, it is a easy thing. But since shenzhen white-collar, says ms lu to give or take an injection, compared to save thousands of yuan of money, their economic conditions permit, and have the right time, or will choose to Hong Kong to be vaccinated against the latest price of nine, after all, more concerned about is the comprehensive protection. Of course, if it is to get to Hong Kong all the way from other provinces, ms lu said bivalent vaccine could consider the mainland or tetravalent vaccine.

& other; Time, the economy, the difference of various vaccines fully considered, injection time and other factors, consumer should clear their own needs, to make a rational choice. Throughout the &; Wang Wu Xin warns.

concludes: SMW trainee journalist Chen Yingshan

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