Hubei cancer village doctor to rescue a line 7 years to see the doctor more than 40000 people

hubei cancer village doctor to rescue a line 7 years to see the doctor more than 40000 people

hubei cancer village doctor to rescue a line He Baoxi taken

addition to yichang on November 23 (ShiYouYi Yi Wei junwei) & other; As long as have not fallen, I will continue to the villagers to see the doctor. Throughout the &; Zigui county of hubei province mau town village village of changling d to Fang Hong 23 surveyed said. Seven years of his cancer, stick to for folks to see the doctor in village clinics 47000 person-time.

to Fang Hong 61 – year – old early due to cataracts, blind in her left eye. In April 2011, he was found in lung cancer, surgical removal of the right lung lesions. Although sick, Fang Hong think of not leaving to recuperate, but continue to struggle against the AiMo, work for villagers.

20 years of working with the Fang Hong changling, village party secretary of the original Han Qingguo said to Fang Hong degree is not high, but her kindness, nice, really minor illness can be done. Therefore, in the village and the surrounding bazi, golden urn city, such as ginkgo tuo village villagers are willing to look for him to see a doctor.

in addition to medical solid, 41 years of practicing medicine to Fang Hong to patients as relatives, always adhere to the small prescription to see a doctor, never thought of gain for individual. He also put some folks sick, no money, never ask. So far, his hands and eased the non-performing loans have 20000 multivariate.

vertical management of the village clinic zigui county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine has accurate data: to Fang Hong cancer for seven years, a total of 47100 clinical cases, cases prescription only 23 yuan.

not only that, he also with amazing perseverance to collect information, to the health of the whole village, 2679 villagers built specification file, the body function of some particular object index he know all by heart.

& other; Side injection treatment of cancer, one side to see the doctor, is really moving. Throughout the &; Hypertension, rheumatism, coronary heart disease the villagers Han Qibao for many years, has been on the side HongBang alleviate suffering, he talked to Fang Hong 7 years of holding, the 72 – year – old straight tears.

for folks doctor visits the mountains outside the mountain, to provide more convenient, to Fang Hong endure suffering, learned to use computers and smartphones. In the past 7 years, China has 11000 people through special micro letter, QQ prepared medicine, to Fang Hong goes, guidance, only the registration fee, he dropped 10000 multivariate. Online follow-up, let him become left-behind family and go out to work the villagers personal doctor.

& other; To Fang Hong after cancer, still waiting on people’s health & lsquo; The last one kilometer & rsquo; With limited life in the village doctor’s sense of honor. Throughout the &; Zigui county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, vice President of the east said. The

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