Hubei jingmen mayor: second child birth rate is low Women’s maternity leave should be extended to six months


deputy to the National People’s Congress, therefore, the people’s government the mayor Sun Bing xiaogan administration network data diagram

2018 national during the two sessions, the National People’s Congress, therefore, the people’s government the mayor Sun Bing submitted a titled” Suggestions for improving the two child policy support system, the proposal.

proposal in jingmen, for example, pointed out that since January 1, 2016 countries since the full implementation of two child policy, have certain policy effect, but the dividend policy has not fully released. Jingmen, a total population of 3.02 million, 3.02 million and 2017 for two consecutive years was born population increase, especially the 30100 people born in the year of 2017, was born population peak of nearly 20 years. On the child time constitute the second child was born significantly increased, the second child was born in 2017, 14400 people, the second child rate is 47.65%, but the number of the second child was born less than previous forecasts for nearly 2000 people. According to the survey, more than 60% of the residents of the ideal number of children for two children, but only 10% of families had two children.

proposal that cause the comfortable family fertility intentions and fertility behavior gap is big reason, there are three main aspects: one is to raise the high cost. Especially education costs, housing costs are rising, the burden of raising two children. The second is don’t have the energy to take care of. Two women generally slow recovery, public child-care service system not perfect, the function is not perfect, household nursery service the lack of effective supervision, the family to take care of two children under a lot of pressure at the same time. Three is employment. Some employers are reluctant to recruit female worker, pregnancy after birth again obtain employment difficult, even some of unit of choose and employ persons did not fully implement the statutory maternity leave and other security system.

proposal as soon as possible from the national level a suit needs of the masses, meet the needs of people are looking forward to supporting policies on birth control. Sun Bing representative put forward three Suggestions:

a family is making the whole process of service. , for example, to improve prenatal examination free of charge, and pregnancy care regardless of all hospital level for free; Will birth medical treatment fee into the scope of coverage, fixed subsidies to childbirth expenses in proportion, appropriate to improve the reimbursement ratio, practical solution & other; Affordable & throughout; The problem.

2 it is to raise old-age supporting service policy. on the other hand, the appropriate extension of the female worker maternity leave. Recommendations will be women widely extended to six months maternity leave, both guarantee 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, also guarantee two foetuses women get better recovery. On the other hand, vigorously develop high quality and low cost of preschool education and childcare services. Focus on increasing 0 to 3 years old public child-care services, through the way of government subsidy, encourage social forces to run a non-profit childcare facilities, regulatory responsibilities clear department, industry admittance mechanism, the personnel qualifications, etc; Formulate domestic service standard, and promote the healthy development of the industry standard. At the same time, the preschool education should be brought into the compulsory education, gradually reduce the financial burden on family education.

three is completes the female labor and social security. enterprise to the annual high proportion of pregnant female worker, offer certain subsidy policy, to solve because of pregnant women employment or cause problems such as unemployment.

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