Hunan loudi police solve super-large to produce toxic or harmful weight loss products: more than ten bottles of spread

a grain of added weight loss products of illegal drugs, from a remote village in the central province of hunan underground black workshop production, the processing of a packager of henan, has returned to it after the capital city of changsha, sold to consumers & hellip; & hellip;

this is just more than hundreds of bottles of a grain of weight loss products. DetailPic

police from chains cleared off weight loss products

, according to a preliminary investigation by the police in hunan loudi, food drug safety two department, after months of investigation, which have been uncovered at the end of August the case involving hundreds of millions of producing poisonous and harmful food, all over the country provinces and cities have victims & other; In the rarefied & throughout; .

a few days ago, the red star news for this batch of weight loss products terminal consumer market sampling track, found that many female dieters ate to yourself this batch of weight loss products has been characterised as the news of the poisonous and harmful food, still unaware.

& other; Oh, I eat is false weight loss products? Throughout the &; Until the red star journalist comes, in his early 20 s, ms figure slightly changsha Liu Xi (not her real name), just know, to eat all the black workshop produce fake products. Flush:


in order to obtain the trust sellers

male scout disguised as women chatting

in fact, this batch of weight loss products, to have effect reducing weight into market in the form of health food. The worst effects of the products, is to add the poisonous and harmful banned chemicals & ndash; & ndash; Sibutramine. DetailPic

police investigations found that wu yuan from the same county, we often express delivery, the parcel is wu yuan momentum in figure goods

loudi Hou Difan food and drug administration, sibutramine is a kind of neural inhibitors, suppression has excited, food etc, which may cause increased blood pressure, heart rate, anorexia, insomnia, abnormal liver function harm such as serious side effects. In 2010, the domestic has been stop production, sale and use of sibutramine formulation and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and as the effect reducing weight products illegally added chemicals.

the case clues, alibaba group is found in daily risk control screen. At the end of last year, public security department of hunan province with hunan food drug administration alibaba platform management department to push this clue, handed over to loudi public security bureau and loudi food drug administration, after a preliminary investigation, the case in April this year put on record.

loudi public security bureau public security detachment food and drug criminal investigation brigade instructor lury is one of the case, he told the star news, the first clue is a single, only know that there’s a taobao shop selling weight loss products, registered address in loudi bimodal county, but food has been off the shelves.

the seller of bimodal county, a pair of sisters, their external liaison net is & other Beauty throughout manufacturing &; . Lury so registered a micro signal, and with the same woman of a variety of pictures for head, circle of friends sent a month in advance, with & other; Beauty throughout manufacturing &; In touch.

& other; Network case has two characteristics, one is the virtual information, most of the information is false; Second, transmission is fast, a link any leaked, the entire criminal networks will disturb, so you have a secret investigation. Throughout the &; Lury said, in order to avoid cause & other; Beauty throughout manufacturing &; Doubts, voice chat with each other sometimes have to please his wife.

2 disguise trace

mountain simple workshop specializing processing

one hour can produce ten thousand grain of

until July, amid rising only through & other; Beauty throughout manufacturing &; QQ space a picture, found that the express for anhui huaibei ms wu (not his real name).

some further investigation found that ms wu is not directly to & other; Beauty throughout manufacturing &; Shipping, she is just an agent, the shipper and true actually is henan optimization methodology for zhang (not his real name).

this year on March 23, & other; Beauty throughout manufacturing &; In the circle of friends sent a news & other; Don’t know how to package & throughout; , the pictures have a logistics company in the name of the typeface, amid rising then find the logistics company’s logistics, and mastered the real address of zhang feng.

some also found, on May 31, zhang from hunan anhua.we will act yiyang city into a single cargo, shipper is anhua.we will act man wu yuan (not his real name). Often astonished to anhua.we will act, the survey found wu yuan change of identity, phone number, from the same logistics company to henan optimization methodology for the delivery.

loudi food and drug administration inspection team vice division marshal Peng Leping told the star news, wu yuan is very cunning, he sleeps all day, night came out to play CARDS, drink, or go to Internet cafes. & other; He lives in the county to sell paint of relatives, once the team followed him to a building materials market, found his CARDS to at four o ‘clock in the morning, then I slept until five o ‘clock in the afternoon. Throughout the &;

in wu yuan for a month and a half the secret of tracking, astonished finally found its chains & ndash; & ndash; Most likely is the county seat, 20 kilometers outside of the next four levels of building.

& other; We sometimes make up into the mountain to play lovers come to beg for water to drink, sometimes dressed up as a geological prospecting personnel door to door asking for directions, finally sure, here is the production base. Throughout the &; Lury said.

production base is located in the four levels of building the bottom of the garage, Wu Yuanyong board to isolate a room as a production workshop, his simple production tools, can produce ten thousand grain of one hour, have a buyer for the goods, Wu Yuancai to the production, finished a few hours.

the team further investigation found that the sources of zhang’s more than that, its another wholesale channels in nanjing. From the two channels into the goods, after zhang feng packaging, processing and selling to all over the country.

on July 19, loudi municipal public security bureau and the municipal food drug administration in the three provinces to draw at the same time, the four major criminal suspect was captured. DetailPic

police caught wu yuan site

3 involving hundreds of millions of

a box every 30 grain profit 90 times

nearly hundred kinds of & other; Brand & throughout; More than thousand bottles to market

& other; China has hundreds of millions of consumers taking weight loss products, recent years derivative sales of poisonous and harmful weight loss product development as a black ash, industry regulation is out of control, intensifying, and need to crack down on, zero tolerance. Throughout the &; Loudi, deputy mayor, city public security bureau chief, cheng-liang wang said.

wu yuan of confession, two years ago he began to do wechat business selling weight loss products, from guangdong, zhejiang and other places to buy after semi-automatic capsule filling machine, filling, capsule shell and sibutramine, production & other; Capsule reducing weight & throughout; .

police in loudi, criminal gangs have been around two years time, a total of nearly the case & other; Brand & throughout; And more than hundreds of bottles of weight loss products to the country. The producing cost, each less than a dime, its finished product for 30 more grain, price 288 yuan, count down every grain can obtain profits of 90 times.

office in lury, red star news reporter saw the part weight loss products, & other; Gangs insiders and consumers will call these products & lsquo; Little green & rsquo; Or & lsquo; Little red & rsquo; , that is, green packing and red. Throughout the &; Lury, zhang as processors, his own brand sales, agent a few level, at the bottom of the layers of premium sales.

false weight loss products and packaging

ironically, these fake and inferior products packaging threadbare, & other; Little green & throughout; On the packaging of had & other; Under the age of 16, more than 50 do not take this product is not recommended & throughout; Statements, and its counterfeit manufacturers didn’t produce weight loss products, packing box on the so-called anti-counterfeiting qr code was simply unable to query.

lury told the star news, the case at present were arrested six suspects, including five people after 90, this is a typical area of wechat business cases, & other; The criminal suspect didn’t know each other, they through the network connection, transaction may through alipay, or WeChat Lucky Money, delivery on a false identity, all aspects are isolated from each other. Throughout the &;

through such illegal means, zhang was completed within two years the accumulation of wealth. Peng Leping, according to zhang did two years of weight loss products business, is in the county bought a set of more than 160 square meters of the house, a car more than 30 ten thousand yuan worth of, the other books and more than 70 ten thousand yuan in cash.

4 products to lose weight?

is already flowing to all provinces and municipalities

5 suspects have been transferred to the people’s procuratorate prosecuted

case teams now have more than 40000 sales records, according to the clues, but preliminary determination these slimming products, have been to all provinces and cities across the country.

lury, sort out these clues requires a lot of manpower, and then they want to police around the joint, follow up the weight loss products, made clear in these transactions terminal, which is the middle agent, which is the last of the victims. At present, there have been thousands of victims get feedback information. On October 25, the six suspects to the case has been transferred to 5 people’s procuratorate of the prosecution.

a preliminary investigation showed that the flow of the weight loss products, beauty institutions occupy a large proportion. Red star field visit confirmed news reporter, hunan zhuzhou city new west China on the road a health food store had to buy a can & other; Combustion, burn fat at night, promote absorption, control appetite & throughout; The & other; Discharge of oil pill & throughout; .

the victim of the changsha Liu Xi on the recommendation of a colleague Huang Xiao purchase & other; Little green & throughout; , Liu Xi white skin, face, but after baby fat, in the past she tried & other; Massage to lose weight & throughout; , but the effect is not obvious, in March and April this year, she started taking & other; Little green & throughout; . First she buy try to eat, you eat, according to the course of her description, after eating the these products, anorexia, irritability, insomnia, accompanied by heart palpitations and chest tightness, but then feel doesn’t work, didn’t eat.

astonished at present who have more than 40000 sales records (over 100000 total sales of bottle), & other; Consumers are mainly women, have the agent feedback eat yourself all dizzy. Throughout the &; Lury said.

Liu Xi more victim tell red star news, merchants of slimming products, they still don’t know the true identity, but routines are basic and same, the beginning is in taobao, merchants and their later WeChat direct sales, & other; The seller is a young man, people are very enthusiastic, you couldn’t see how bad, but recently I haven’t heard from him. Throughout the &;

yunnan luxi city woman Yao Hongmei said, this weight loss product effect is very good, her weight loss from 65 kg to 45 kg, but now, & other; Can not contact the seller has throughout the &; .

& other; These weight loss products, is the food with the effect reducing weight, belongs to the special food in health class, clearly in need nutrients, but these are all fake food reducing weight, once stopped will rebound, so at the expense of their health to gain weight. Throughout the &; Peng Leping said, the correct way to lose weight is exercise and a healthy diet.

case teams will also investigate the source of the illegal additives sibutramine, & other; However, this task is too difficult. Throughout the &; Peng Leping said. (100000 bottles of fake products that is dispersed camouflage women a month circle of friends AnZha clues)

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