Hunan taojiang a secondary tuberculosis epidemic: 50 students has reached resumption standard schooling

yiyang November 19 (FuJingYi) yiyang city of hunan province taojiang county people’s government said at a news conference Tuesday evening, as of November 16, the taojiang county fourth middle school tuberculosis outbreak of clustering in a total of 72 students for treatment and management, more than 50 students achieve resumption standard schooling, the remaining 22 students check regularly, once reached the standards can go back to school.

in August 2017, taojiang fourth middle school tuberculosis outbreak of clustering. Confirmed by the health and family planning commission of hunan province: by the end of November 16, 2017, a total of discovering tuberculosis cases confirmed 29 cases (have to cure 3 cases), 5 cases were suspected cases, otherwise 38 students in preventive medicine, including 9 cases in the field for treatment.

taojiang county people’s government at the event, said on August 19, on the evening of the outbreak, an emergency meeting of the county, the county government organization, set up the emergency command, start a public health emergency Ⅳ level emergency response, and formulated the emergency response plan, formulate and implement the sick students disposal measures in aspects of treatment, study and life. November 13, and once again found 6 cases of confirmed and suspected. On 19th November 14 solstice, the county, the county government organization held an emergency meeting in a row, improve research deployment treatment services, learning support, epidemic prevention and control work. Starting from November 16, continuous in the disposal of information release in taojiang public information network information.

the sick students all outpatient and hospitalization expenses according to the medical insurance policy after reimbursement, the rest is solved by the county government as a whole, has for the first 22 sick students medical treatment cost 170000 yuan; Medicine for treatment of 6 months, 9 months sick students save 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan, respectively, from this year resumption students schooling fees and on-campus accommodation, meals in the school the students live on 300 yuan per month subsidy and cure From next year, this year because of sick leave, continue to study in taojiang 4 students tuition; The hospital designated by the superior, reimburse the diagnosis.

next, taojiang will apply for provincial and municipal experts aid comprehensive consultation, consultation with the chest hospital, with hunan open & other; The green channel & throughout; . At the same time make 4 classroom, canteen, dormitory and other places, will continue to cleaning, disinfection and ventilation, government departments will also enhance taojiang 4 close contact crowd screening, and other daily monitoring boarding schools, primary and secondary schools.

for some parents will reflect the question county CDC statistical discrepancies in digital and parents, taojiang conceal outbreaks, and so on and so forth, taojiang county people’s government, said local in strict accordance with the national infectious disease report and the request on the prevention and control of infectious diseases “, reported the outbreak in 24 hours to the newspaper net, there will be no omission and leaders, there is no concealing the outbreak.

taojiang county government also promised at the scene of the press conference, will timely solve sick parents put forward the reasonable demands of the information release in timely and accurate information, and strictly in accordance with the rules’, investigate the TB aggregation epidemic disposal of malfeasance behavior at work. The

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