Hunan taojiang tuberculosis case involved the principal denied prior “informed not to”

hunan taojiang county fourth middle school (4) make mass outbreak of tuberculosis, continues to prompt attention. At present, the local bulletin said, receiving treatment for a total of 72 students and school management, including 29 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis confirmed cases, 5 cases of suspected cases, 38 students of preventive medicine. Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, in 17 countries who planning commission to send relevant staff and to the supervision of the local epidemic prevention experts disposal work, 18 taojiang county government said in a news release, the convergence outbreak of tuberculosis in the disposal of the work in the presence of malfeasance behavior in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law to carry out the investigation.

after the incident, & other; Ill affect students attend the university entrance exam & throughout; Become the focus of concern of the parents and the school. On November 18, north to the reporter understands, part of the parents to the school for the sick child points, walks in the college entrance examination in the local requirements, such as a school but school officials responded & other; There is no relevant policies to support (these demands) & throughout; . In addition, the school, in an interview with north green news reporter said before the sick students attend the university entrance exam next year will be all cured, will not affect them for the exam. But north green newspaper reporter learns from the doctor, after the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis, generally require treatment 6 to 9 months to recover, during which cannot overworked, to ensure the adequate rest, eating, etc., to enhance immunity. Many students worry, with the three note rhythm of life seems to have a conflict.

called campus & other; An island & throughout; Classes of students classroom

18 November, taojiang county people’s government & other; Taojiang 4 TB aggregation infected & throughout; The release report again, review the process of outbreaks. Content shows: on January 24, 2017, 1 patient with workers identity in taojiang county CDC TB clinic diagnosis of tuberculosis, cure the hospital after standard anti-tuberculosis treatment. In February 2017 to July, there are five patients, respectively, as workers, farmers in taojiang county CDC diagnosed with tuberculosis. On July 26, 3 patients in taojiang county CDC meet, they talk to the doctor’s attention, through the understanding, 3 from taojiang 4 per capita. Taojiang county center for disease control and organization to carry out epidemiological association survey, find another 3 patients is taojiang 4 student.

notice said, 19 August 10 solstice, taojiang county center for disease control and prevention for all students and some teachers, parents, a total of 2942 people for TB antibody screening, found that 91 positive antibody detection. On the night of August 19, taojiang county, the county government according to the rules school tuberculosis prevention and control work, start at the county level public health emergencies contingency plans, form the disposal of command, at the same time the silver city, provincial center for disease control and prevention. On August 20, provincial, municipal planning commission leadership and CDC experts, tuberculosis prevention and control of the specialist to make on-site guidance, the antibody positive, and the teachers and students of senior three sputum smear and chest X-ray. On August 27 to 31, taojiang county CDC again to PPD screening of the school teachers and students, and the PPD positive review of the CT and sputum smear examination was conducted for teachers and students. November 7 solstice 8, according to the treatment of the specification, taojiang county CDC to review again, 48 students found, 5 cases of suspected cases, 1 confirmed cases respectively adopt measures for hospitalization treatment and medication therapy at home. After four rounds of screening, November 16, 2017, 29 cases found tuberculosis confirmed cases and 5 cases of suspected cases, 38 students of preventive medicine. November 17 afternoon, countries and provinces and cities related staff, prevention and control of epidemic disposal experts has arrived in taojiang county.

reports also showed that the epidemic has been brought under effective control. The next stage, taojiang county, the county government will be under the guidance of national and provincial and municipal experts to carry out prevention and control treatment work: treatment of confirmed cases of the students at all costs, to ensure a quick return to good health. At the same time, taojiang county commission for discipline inspection and supervision in the TB aggregation epidemic disposal work existence malpractice misconduct investigation according to regulation in accordance with the law.

364 classes in public opinion center


part of the students’ parents

in the college entrance examination and grading 30 request

Huang Kangjian (a pseudonym) life is at 3 o ‘clock on the afternoon of August 18, 48 points a WeChat news disrupted. That day in class’s and grade’s parents of her micro letter group, the teacher in charge asked 364 class all parents, take their children to do check county center for disease control and prevention. On August 19, Huang Kangjian hairdresser yan (not her real name) in taojiang county, the daughter of the centers for disease control and prevention was diagnosed & other Upper right pulmonary tuberculosis and appeared empty & throughout; And TB diagnosis.

Huang Kangjian know, daughter always miss the university to forces, & other; I later checked, she had this disease basically impossible. Throughout the &; And about the future, she has already can’t have too many ideas, & other; Just want to take an examination of a one, other do not say. Throughout the &;

like Huang Kangjian, li (a pseudonym) is also worrying about her daughter’s college entrance examination. He told the north green news reporter, at the end of September, sick students parents get together to discuss, proposed a & other; Claim & throughout; In this and other Claim & throughout; , in addition to propose & other; Give each student infected 50000 yuan in advance & throughout; , & other Throughout school unified resumption plan & schooling; Thereof, parents also suggested & other; All infected students required to participate in college entrance examination in 2018, the total score with 30 points, studying at a university in the province of random and requirements. Throughout the &; This & other; Claim & throughout; , cause larger controversy on the Internet.

have net friend say, the students deserve sympathy, but the parents & put forward by the other; The university entrance exam plus & throughout; , & other On a random throughout the &; Requirements, whether too harsh, and destroyed the college entrance examination should keep fairness.

but li believes that the child was in excellent academic performance, only because the school suddenly disease causing the delay academic, treatment is still a long time, the influence of the disease is still exist. & other; I can’t let the children run by half, in the end where the lost, so I want to ask can you take into consideration the points. Throughout the &; More parents, through & other; Claim & throughout; Write down your considering this request: & other; Taojiang county 4 each year the university entrance exam a pure English seminaries, 2 acceptance rate is over 97%, in the city and even the entire province is high. Infected students are excellent students, these students if the body health is not affected, academic not delayed because of illness, can under the condition of normal learning to participate in college entrance examination, all can go to the domestic one, two institutions of higher learning. Throughout the &;

parents tell north green news reporter, this & other; Claim & throughout; Is sick students parents meeting to discuss, and to the north green press produced by fingerprints were signed. Statistics found that a total of 47 parents in this & other; Claim & throughout; To sign. But the President Yang said in taojiang four & other; There is no relevant policies to support the appeal (parents). Throughout the &;

a in & other; Claim & throughout; Sign of parents tell north green news reporter, the requirements of the national policy of the university entrance exam if you don’t support also can again to discuss, the starting point of parents also hope that the future children have safeguard. There are also parents said does not support such a request. A parent tell north green press, children can take an examination of how many at what school, did not go to the reading is bad.

lying in bed for treatment of students


taojiang 4 principal: exempt from all three students tuition

taojiang 4 TB aggregation of the outbreak continues to prompt attention. After the incident, the school was facing & other; Informed throughout the report &; , epidemic prevention and control is not timely, in vortex of public opinion. On November 18, taojiang 4 principal “online some questions reply.


denied & other; Informed throughout the report &; , according to the results of the survey

north green quote: the tuberculosis epidemic investigation progress????????? How about

“: the investigation has been carried out to the school, county commission for discipline inspection 17 national development planning commission has to make. Investigation of the specific progress is not convenient to revealed.

north green: there are parents questioned school after knowing situation.

“: the school has not informed the report. If not familiar with the situation, is to take responsibility. All survey results come out, such as natural have seen.

north green news: local bulletin is 29 patients with confirmed, but students and parents to statistical data on its own is far higher than 29, why the discrepancy?

“: we published data is provided for disease control and prevention department, data must be the CDC department shall prevail. As to whether have a student to other medical institutions diagnosed as tuberculosis, did they are counted the number of even ask county center for disease control and prevention.

sick student diary


no discrimination resumption of school student, but a resident student to day

north green quote: the teacher in charge said, already has 28 students to reopen after cure tuberculosis.

“: yes. School is mainly responsible for help for the study, diagnosis, treatment to the disease control department is responsible for. As long as the students hold a CDC bureau resumption prove schooling can back to school for class. Now, they according to their own and parents will, can return to the original 364 classes or other open learning.

north green quote: open the small classes for 28 born?

“: yes, but the small class teaching can be guaranteed. Small class the teacher in charge is the original class’s and grade’s math teacher, the rest are original teacher, because only English teacher has just given birth to a child so do the adjustment.

north green report: after a sick student, said after the resumption of school by other students.

“: every day I go to have a look at the students, no discrimination. Between students get along very harmonious.

north green quote: resumption of school students and what changes?

“: learning, they meet some fluctuations, but the impact is not particularly big. In life, some resident student into a day now. But 364 class a few students live on campus, many parents before they choice in rent, parents with surrounding the campus. Because (TB) disease, of course, part of the students into a day really do exist. We believe that can get parents to take care of, strengthen nutrition helps them recover, as for the specific how many students involved, this is bad to say, the number has been changing.

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