Hunan taojiang: will survey the TB epidemic disposal of the existence of malfeasance behavior

bring taojiang county of hunan province, the fourth middle school, the school in August 364 outbreak of massive pulmonary tuberculosis.

in August 2017, taojiang fourth middle school tuberculosis outbreak of clustering. Confirmed by the health and family planning commission of hunan province: by the end of November 16, 2017, 29 cases found tuberculosis confirmed cases and 5 cases of suspected cases, while 38 students of preventive medicine, a total of 72 students for treatment and management, the diagnosis of suspected and preventive medicine students to observe, check again after confirmed. After the outbreak, taojiang county, the county government, as well as national, provincial, city and county attaches great importance to the family planning department of public health, active treatment of epidemic, treat the sick students.

on January 24, 2017, 1 patient with workers identity in taojiang county CDC TB clinic diagnosis of tuberculosis, cure the hospital after standard anti-tuberculosis treatment.

in February 2017 to July, there are five patients, respectively, as workers, farmers in taojiang county CDC diagnosed with tuberculosis. On July 26, 3 patients in taojiang county CDC meet, they talk to the doctor’s attention, through the understanding, 3 from taojiang 4 per capita. Taojiang county center for disease control and organization to carry out epidemiological association survey, find another 3 patients is taojiang 4 student.

19 August 10 solstice, taojiang county CDC for all students and some teachers, parents, a total of 2942 people for TB antibody screening, found that 91 positive antibody detection.

on the night of August 19, taojiang county, the county government, according to the rules school tuberculosis prevention and control work to start at the county level public health emergencies contingency plans, set up the disposal of the headquarters, at the same time the silver city, provincial center for disease control and prevention.

20 August, provincial, municipal planning commission leadership and CDC experts, tuberculosis prevention and control of the specialist to make on-site guidance, the antibody positive, and the teachers and students of senior three sputum smear and chest X-ray.

on August 27 to 31, taojiang county CDC again to PPD screening of the school teachers and students, and the PPD positive review of the CT and sputum smear examination was conducted for teachers and students.

solstice 7 November 8, according to the treatment of the specification, taojiang county CDC to review again, 48 students found 1 case of confirmed cases, 5 cases of suspected cases, respectively, to take measures for hospitalization treatment and medication therapy at home.

after four rounds of screening, November 16, 2017, 29 cases found tuberculosis confirmed cases and 5 cases of suspected cases, 38 students of preventive medicine. Because of n/med tuberculosis bacili have longer incubation period, CDC department will closely monitoring and continuous tracking.

after the outbreak, taojiang county, the county government held a special meeting, the deployment of epidemic disposal and the treatment of patients, formulated the “taojiang county TB a public health emergency response plan in the fourth middle school”. Taojiang county education bureau, health bureau, taojiang four secondary units comprehensively launched the emergency measures, in under the guidance of the whole province CDC department to carry out treatment, prevention, screening, etc. On November 14, taojiang county government held a dispatch meetings, request further enhance treatment targeted, provincial experts consultation, comprehensive treatment of sick students at all costs. To strengthen prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control, psychological counseling, and propaganda and education, etc. On November 17, li bin, director of the national health and family planning to make a forbidden to instruct local verification, public accurate information in time, go all out to do a good job of the treatment of sick students. November 17 afternoon, countries and provinces and cities related staff and prevention experts has arrived in taojiang county guidance with the disposal of the work. The epidemic has been brought under effective control.

the next stage, taojiang county, the county government will be under the guidance of national and provincial and municipal experts to carry out prevention and control treatment: treatment of confirmed cases of the students at all costs, ensure a quick return to good health; Pay close attention to students suspected cases to ensure that confirmed as soon as possible and to carry out targeted therapy; Scientific guidance of preventive medicine students, ensure timely grasp condition, timely adjust the treatment; Contact closely monitoring and screening the crowd, pays special attention to the prevention and control management, ensure the outbreak non-proliferation; In a timely manner to the public epidemic dynamic and disposal, and increase the intensity of TB prevention science popularization. At the same time, taojiang county commission for discipline inspection in the TB aggregation epidemic disposal work existence malpractice misconduct investigation according to regulation in accordance with the law.

(formerly called the taojiang to disposal the fourth middle school tuberculosis aggregation epidemic “)

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