Huzhou a doctor be great to have temperature steak packed lunch does not forget every window to look after patients

song while eating lunch box, watching patients in the ward. & have spent City express figure

& other; My father is in July, it should write thank-you note early, but I always reluctant to go to recall, several times to put down my pen today, calm good mood, write down the thank-you note, hope to be able to let more people know guo-qiang song doctor, more people know the medical personnel how to protect their patients. Throughout the &; Recently, the zhejiang huzhou changxing county people’s hospital (ZheYi dean xing CGMH) patient family member Ms. Sun to send a thank-you note.

in the letter, Ms. Sun, hope to help in finding a hospital on the same day, his father died guo-qiang song doctor ate lunch box side across the window to look after her father’s photo.

& other; This is a nurse, at that time, I have seen, but did not leave, because through this door, lying inside is my dad, with organ intubation, I afraid to see such photos. Now I calm down, hope to be able to find this photo. Throughout the &; Ms. Sun said.

on January 9, surging news ( understands from changxing county people’s hospital, the hospital has to send photos to find and to Ms. Sun, each other again said thank you to the hospital medical guo-qiang song doctor breathing, think he is a & other; A temperature & throughout; The doctor. Guo-qiang song early 30 s, who is the father of two children, good reputation, in hospital scientific research is also rising.

in this photo, of a hand guo-qiang song bento, standing at the gate of Ms. Sun father ward, eyes observe patients through the glass.

& other; On the same day, Ms. Sun’s father is not so good, we informed the family members, Ms. Sun is back from hangzhou. Trust me on the phone, she wants to see his father one last time, I’ll use medical means to try to maintain the patient’s vital signs. Throughout the &; On January 9, guo-qiang song to surging news said: & other; I am his doctor, the other doctors are unfamiliar with the illness, so I eat while looking after. Throughout the &;

in the afternoon, after Ms. Sun rushed to the hospital for more than two hours later, her father died.

in 2012, Ms. Sun’s father in guo-qiang song doctor diagnosed lung cancer, as found in a timely manner, treatment is very effective. Since then, the parents and guo-qiang song that Ms. Sun. In February 2017, her father and detect prostate cancer, and there are more than the whole body bone metastases, in hangzhou back to changxing treatment after the operation.

& other; My parents nearly five years, doctors have contact with sung very trust on him. This period of time, in my father’s song is great for our help. Throughout the &; Ms. Sun said, double cease day itself back to changxing, usually only a mother to take care of the father, on the phone, she used to listen to mother say & other Song physician clinic before, and to see your father & throughout; & other; Your father is great, I can’t carry him, throughout the song doctor let I have called him &; & other; The song doctor didn’t eat lunch again today & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

Ms. Sun said in a thank you note, one morning, his father because of bone pain can’t lie, reluctantly got up and stood still, insist on less than a minute to lie down again, repeat. After the doctor heard that song, outpatient service will get back to the ward to look after, after morning & other; See my father’s trust in the song, to see him, my father is a sense of security, is particularly good. After a raid, father clearly to quiet down, can sleep sleep for a while, but the song doctor lunch didn’t eat a bite, then the clinic this afternoon. Throughout the &;

& other; The matter was the most moving, he as a doctor to the patient and family to bring comfort, this is a have a temperature doctor! Throughout the &; Ms. Sun writes.

& other; I just did the doctors should do, Ms. Sun’s father only his wife to take care of at ordinary times, I can give a help. Throughout the &; Guo-qiang song surging news interview, said he was a doctor, is also a son, and to understand is the heart of the children & other; I understand that Ms. Sun to serve in the father’s mood, so look after more at ordinary times, in the day of his death, since promised to Ms. Sun of entrust, will try to be & throughout; .

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