I be a doctor in the United States, private, about my career…

medical that moved on the road.

I am a private practice tumor physician. & have spent

in the United States, we experience the hardships of pass USMLE test and six years of internal medicine residency + fellow tumor specialized subject training, and then get three medical license, do private blood cancer physicians, this way is not favored by domestic and respect, because domestic clinicians by the difference in the status of education related to negative stereotypes. What we have no such university hospital & other; Professor & throughout; Title of the private doctors practicing medicine, is not recognized by domestic really isn’t that important. My recognition of their community, American doctors and hospitals recognition of their really have enough!

when my patient’s tumor under control, stable treatment process, function and small pay, patient and family to our clinic known as their second home, a Christmas greeting card, a bottle of wine, a small community hospital testimonials, groups of family doctors/their doctors recommend their patients, because their humanistic care and treatment results of patients, the these, is our title, these, is our professional achievement! we love your job, even if at any time in the face of the patient’s death, love their work and caring patients. What is not necessary to the attending physician, a professor at the university of this kind of title! We had his own practice process experience and the professional accomplishment can not use & other; The attending physician & throughout; , & other Professor & throughout; Title will be.

one of my 30 years ago from Iran the patient of immigration to the United States, when she came to see a doctor is lung cancer is the fourth stage, double lung, pleura and bone metastases, after treatment, is now in the fourth year. Every year she with his family to travel abroad, very positive energy to experience the beauty of life. her annual holiday will give me a small gift: the gift from her is her mother and father to her family treasures.

this a pair of carved stone pig is a ninety – year – old old man pancreatic cancer patients. at UCLA treatment, she was on the three drug combination therapy plan, because pay role in cancer progression and 収 to my hospital. Her face is ent surgeon, call I go to consultation. I to her room.she flicking through a photo album, just have a is a little girl and a small big pig. The little girl is she. I mentioned from pigs (I grow up with my grandmother in the countryside, often with the pig to himself), finally she and her family accepted the hospice care. She was my family back home. After two weeks I was in the clinic to see a doctor, her husband took the two pig and CARDS to send me said: & other; The pig to buy from China, she want to come in person to send you, it’s a pity that she was too weak, let I must send them to you when she died & throughout; . Now I set this precious little gift on my bookshelf, it remind me: for dying patients and their families to let her/him at the time of the most toughest get tender care. This is I have to do a professional code!

a eighty year old man from El Salvado immigration to the United States, the United States before the nurse, T – cell lymphoma, CHOP 6 courses of treatment. Came to visit her child, she let them bring me a gift. She is now 87 years old.

a Japanese patients younger than I am, the library administrator, for the fourth stage, breast cancer tumor be controlled very well. It is a pity because in the insurance and have to leave us, leaving sent me her picture. Different and more to the story, said today (Monday).

these are my best title and professional achievements over the years. This is a clinical doctor should & ndash; & ndash; no matter any circumstances at any time kindly smile in the face of your patients and to provide the best medical services! here, not just the medical technology, more important is humanistic care! That is: the healer goodness! & have spent

he gang doctors comments:

junior plain text, moving. I edit music with her beautiful photos and make micro version of the letter, hope that domestic students and colleagues to know about our private medical doctors in the United States the experience and feelings. We return no bright & other; Professor & throughout; The title can show off, do not value by school and peers. But all these have nothing to do with our life and work.

we are independent practice doctor! We are responsible for their patients, and provide the most professional services. See the patient’s recovery, even if finally died and serene, we work for their career and pride and proud!

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