I Seem to Have New Partners

Of course I knew that we have Latina escorts in Las Vegas, I knew that we have every sort of escort that you could imagine or ask for. I never really met any of them before recently and I did not think that they would be such good clients for me. About three weeks ago someone wanted me to quote on a major renovation job. It had been a really nice house, five bedrooms and four baths in one of the old neighborhoods favored by the wealthy. I was not sure that I had the time for the job, so I made a bid that I was sure they would not like. Apparently they had seen a house I had done and they wanted me to do it. Two of them tracked me down and sort of demanded that I give them a real quote. They told me they expected to pay a premium for custom work and that I was going to make a more reasonable offer.

I was going to laugh at them, but instead I told them that they must be really used to getting their way. These were really good looking girls and they had a business model. Later on I realized that there were about sixteen of them involved in a real estate investment scheme. They had indeed seen homes that I had renovated and they thought they could not get anyone else to do the sort of custom work that they wanted. They seemed to have learned that I was divorced and they started to invite me out to supper. The deal they wanted came into focus, they wanted me to train their carpenters and crews to do things the right way. They were willing to bribe me to get what they wanted and they had some really sweet bribes.