Improper use of deaf children’s drugs legislation calls for about 30000 children each year

let law giving children a & other Safety lock & throughout;

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during the 12th session of the fifth meeting of the National People’s Congress, su-yan li and other 31 medicine for children of deputy to the National People’s Congress proposed to accelerate the legislation, ensuring the child health bill. Bill is put forward, according to children’s physical and mental development characteristics and children health care career development and needs, legislative norms drugs for children the appropriate way of purchasing, clinical use of rules, ensure timely access to safe and effective for children.

– our correspondent ning-ning zhu

all kinds of measuring cup, electronic scale, accurate to mg, disposable needles & hellip; & hellip; Wang lives in Beijing recently purchased a lot of seemingly only laboratory tools you need. But she is not to do science experiments, but to feed their children.

& other; The flu is too much, my daughter born more than half of students in our class are sick please fake, her body has been good, but this time also didn’t hide in the past. Throughout the &; In the case of high fever for a few days don’t retreat, wang take their children to go to the hospital to do the related inspection and the medicine. When feeding, can go home to my children after wang made difficult. Follow the doctor’s advice, every time she needs to feed the child take adult dose dosage of 85%. A small pill, less than 1 cm in diameter, how accurate given 85%, was a small problem. In desperation, for the sake of precise feeding medicine to the child, Ms. Wang bought a series of special tools.

there are data show that at present, the existing more than 3500 kinds of pharmaceutical preparations, including children’s only more than 60. Due to lack of special children’s drugs, the vast majority of children can only in accordance with the proportion of adult drugs. But is not a simple miniature adults, children especially need to pay special attention to in medicine. So, take what to guarantee children patients’ medical security? The children’s medicine how to standardize the management? How to solve the problem of children’s special drug shortage?

recently, reporters learned from the general committee of the National People’s Congress, modify the pharmaceutical administration law have been included in the planning of the National People’s Congress (NPC) legislation. State food and drug supervision bureau is currently the amendments to the draft, in law level for examination and approval of priority review, conditional approval, market incentives, such as medicine for children will be clear in encouraging.

the general committee of the National People’s Congress have suggested that the relevant departments of the state council to speed up the legislative process, study actively absorb the National People’s Congress on behalf of the views and Suggestions, improve children’s medical security system. It is understood that the children’s medication security ordinance has been submitted to the legislative affairs office of the state council, is expected to recently introduced.

children’s medication safety let parents heart

& other; This things can’t be disorderly eat, eat less not effect, eat many must have damage to the body. Children take medicine more cannot careless carelessness. We don’t want to bother, but can’t. Throughout the &; Ms. Wang’s experience is not uncommon. Reporters through the network platform, such as BBS and WeChat group, the relevant survey, respondents, more than eighty percent of parents said once met the problem of giving their children safe, have experience break capsule and crush tablets, etc.

& other; I want to say to mom, my world is very quiet, without a little bit of sound. My mother said I will call mom and dad, at the age of 21 I especially love to laugh, hear music dancing. Mother said that three years ago, I had a high fever after drug use, my listening comprehension is more and more weak, I know that sounds are on my side, I’m trying to listen to, but is can’t hear. Throughout the &;

at the camera, saying this is a deaf children at the age of five small Xi. Five years old, was supposed to be a carefree childhood, can sing loudly, can warm communication, but the laughter belongs only to the other children, many of drug problems cause deafness, only in the world of silent struggle & hellip; & hellip; Recently, it is about & other; Children’s drugs & throughout; The CCTV psas maxed circle of friends, watching the tears.

white paper in 2016 children’s medication safety report pointed out that due to the improper use, our country each year about 30000 children deaf, about 7000 children died. Children in our country adverse drug reaction rate was 12.5%, 2 times that of the adult, newborn was four times that of adults, children don’t rational drug use, drug harm caused by medication errors. Of all poisoning in children group, drug poisoning visits, the proportion of children, up from 53% in 2012 to 73% in 2014. From the age of poisoning, 0 to 14 drug poisoning in children, children aged 1 to 4 proportion is the largest.

children’s medicines and pediatrician shortage

this winter, flu. Data show that in December last year, Beijing reported more than 5000 cases of flu in a week. Due to their resistance is weak, many children & other; In the resort & throughout; , not only repeated fever, some still continued high fever for 3 to 5 days, it makes a lot of parents are very anxious, each big hospital of pediatrics is packed. At the same time, in the circle of friends began to rumours that a handwritten unofficial & other; Children’s drugs bible & throughout; , get a lot of parents, seen by many as the clinical drug standards. To this, have the professional personage points out, this & other; Bible & throughout; Is not scientific, pediatric diseases, so use no & other; Bible & throughout; Say, more can’t give the child to use adult drugs.

but the reality is that many parents even take their children to the hospital, still not open around the problem of children special medication, is still home a pile of adult dosage.

& other; Children lack of specialized medicine, the main reason is that there is no interest can figure, manufacturers are not willing to production, a lot of clinical medicine for children is very useful because of cheap, manufacturers don’t make money, is slowly. Throughout the &; An unnamed Beijing 3 armour hospital pediatrician told reporters that in the past, there are many small children oral medicine pediatrics, there are also some homemade treat children digestion medicine powder, are cheap and can solve the problem, but are now gradually didn’t.

& other; As a pediatrician, we now also very embarrassed, drug is inherently lack, want to consider the safety of medication, to consider the cost of the patients. Took a lot of money has not been ideal therapeutic effect of parents eventually buckets on hospitals and doctors, this leads to other aspects of the intense contradiction. Throughout the &; The doctor is quite helpless. & other; If you don’t solve the problem of the deep interest, shortage of children’s drugs can not be solved fundamentally. Countries should increase investment, set up or support some public welfare of pharmaceutical production enterprises, specializing in the production of children need special clinical application, subsidies and other ways, maintain the normal operation of the enterprise. Throughout the &;

in addition, the safety of the children’s drugs also there is a big problem. National food drug safety administration of adverse drug reaction, according to a report released in 2016, report the number of children under 14 years old (including) accounted for 10.6% of total report, including serious adverse reactions accounted for 5.5% of total children report report. Because of the risk is bigger, pediatric, many doctors are reluctant to go to cause the pediatrician resources began to nervous. The pediatrician recommended national research institutions to establish specialized children’s drugs, and equipped with a line of clinical experienced personnel, especially to have special pediatrician to get involved, and draw lessons from foreign advanced experience. & other; The safety of the children’s medicine is not file alone can guarantee, not only should consider curative effect, but also take into account the medicine tastes, swallowing the safety of convenience, packing and so on. Throughout the &;

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