In 2018, five social insurance and one housing fund will have five changes Each is good news!

in 2018, raising living work will continue to push forward. Closely associated with people of five risks a gold, will have at least five major change, will be beneficial to the income and the life you and me.

news agency reporter jin-lei li taken

change a: national endowment insurance plan as a whole to open the first step

recently held national work conference on human resources and social security, in 2018, will comprehensively implement universal coverage plan. The implementation of the basic endowment insurance fund central dispensing system.

the basic endowment insurance fund is the central dispensing system, take the first step that is national endowment insurance plan as a whole. People club department, said it will balance between regions due to the flow of the population structure, especially the population bring-up ratio difference too big burden of endowment insurance, dispensing, we further play a role of endowment insurance help each other in all aid all over the country.

& other; Regional development is very uneven in our country, the aging degree of difference is very big, in heilongjiang province is one of the basic endowment insurance fund pays the most difficult provinces, the dependency ratio is 1:3, and guangdong top is 9:1. Throughout the &; One club, Yin weimin, minister has said, now, the basic old-age insurance fund current balance is about more than 4000 one hundred million yuan a year, the cumulative balance of more than 40000 one hundred million yuan, can support the issuance of 16 months, implement the national plan as a whole in order to solve the imbalance between the province and.

data figure: job fair in the negotiation of both parties. China news agency reporters Li Jingong taken

change 2: plans to pay pension, medical insurance for the unemployed

national work conference on human resources and social security, continue to extend a year periodic decrease rate of social insurance policy. To do a good job of unemployment insurance regulations revised and implemented.

people club department in November 2017, “unemployed insurance byelaw draft (revised draft)” to solicit opinions from the public. Compared with the current regulations, the paper added for the unemployed in the pay of primary endowment insurance, allowance and allowance of professional skill appraisal, adjust the medical subsidy to pay is basic medical treatment insurance premium.

people club department pointed out that primary endowment insurance expends pay, solved the problem of the unemployed personnel endowment insurance expends the interrupt, lifted the unemployed personnel & other; Old support & throughout; The trouble back at home. Pay insurance premium of primary medical treatment, ensure that unemployed personnel enjoys treatment of medical treatment insurance, solved during unemployed personnel brought gold & other; In sickness & throughout; The problem.

data figure: retired people. News agency reporter jin-lei li taken

change 3: you may add a retirement income

since February 1, 2018, the measures for enterprise annuity will be officially implemented. Enterprise annuity is the enterprise and its worker on the basis of attend primary endowment insurance lawfully, independent establishment through collective negotiation system of compensatory endowment insurance, mutiple level endowment insurance system in China is an important part of the second pillar in the system.

according to the regulation, enterprise annuity expenses by enterprise and worker individual is collective pay. Enterprises pay cost no more than this company worker total wages 8% a year.

by the end of 2016, at a national enterprise annuity units 76000 units, for the worker 23.25 million people, the accumulation fund of 1.1 trillion yuan. People club department, said the worker to participate in enterprise annuity, on the basis of the basic endowment insurance, add a pension accumulation, further improve the level of retirement income and quality of life.

data figure: counting money bank staff. China news agency reporters Zhang Yunshe

change 4: part of the assets will continue to enrich the social security fund

according to the state council announced the transfer of state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund implementation plan, clear transfer ratio unified state-owned equity of 10% for the enterprise.

package requirements, selected 2017 central enterprises and part of the province to carry out the pilot. On the basis of summarizing the experience, and after 2018, partial transfer other eligible enterprises, the central administrative institutions run by the central management and a central state-owned stake in the financial institutions, to complete the transfer work as soon as possible.

the world social security research center at the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher Zhang Yinghua to news reporters, along with the social security fund & other; Blood transfusion & throughout; Will reduce the pension gap and avoid the gap on to the next generation, realize the intergenerational justice, at the same time help protect annuities on time full specified amount extends, dissolve the population aging on the impact of the endowment insurance system.

Beijing housing accumulation fund management center. News reporters jin-lei li taken

change five: housing accumulation fund borrows money to buy a house will be easier to

the public accumulation fund for housing construction can effectively reduce the financial burden on the worker housing. According to measure, a quota of 1 million yuan, term of 20 years of personal housing loan of housing accumulation fund, comparable to the commercial bank personal housing loan savings interest expenses 200000 yuan of above. But recently, some real estate development enterprises declined to use loan of housing accumulation fund, person that buy a serious damage to the deposit worker legal rights and interests.

to this end, the ministry and other departments recently jointly issued by the “about the notice of the rights and interests of housing accumulation fund capture puts worker for loans to buy homes”, the requirement of real estate development enterprise shall improve housing sales price, reduce the price discount, limit, block, refused to use loan of housing accumulation fund, person that buy a house or in a disguised form shall not be required for the person that buy a house to sign volunteer to give up the rights of housing accumulation fund loans written documents.

“notice” to pay the worker can pass 12345 citizen hotline, 12329 service hotline channels such as housing accumulation fund, complain inform against real estate development enterprises and home sales agency refused to loan of housing accumulation fund.

with the regulation of the ground, worker housing accumulation fund loan to buy a house is expected to become more easy, will be able to truly enjoy the affordable housing accumulation fund. (reporter jin-lei li)

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