In 2020 China will achieve one hundred species of small varieties of medicine concentrate production and stable supply

February 1,

reporter learned from the ministry, the ministry, the national health and family planning commission, the national development and reform commission, the food and drug supervision bureau jointly organized a small variety medicine concentrated production base construction, to 2020 of 100 kinds of varieties of small medicine production and stable supply.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

small varieties of medicine refers to the clinical need, small dosage, market supply is not stable, easy to appear the shortage of clinical medicine. Combined with drug supply security system requirements and production base of the national layout, around five enterprises in our country will choose medicine concentrated production base construction of small variety, support enterprises to focus on drug substances and drug products upstream and downstream resources, the establishment of a pharmaceutical production supply security alliance, the stable production of small varieties of medicine supply.

in addition, the ministry of industry and the relevant ministries will build drug shortage of multi-source information collection and supply business collaborative application platform, dynamic master concentrated production base of small varieties of medicine production and inventory, supply and demand information communication lead to avoid supply shortage.

to build small medicine concentrated production base of an enterprise should be the enterprise of pharmaceutical industry, with more than 20 kinds of varieties of small drug production approval document and the ability of form a complete set of production, to conform to the drug during the (vaccine), dosage form, quality control ability, wide distribution network coverage requirements, able to fulfill its obligations to the responsibility of the stable production and supply.

(the original title: in 2020 China will achieve one hundred small varieties of medicine concentrate production and stable supply)

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