In bed play mobile phones to paraplegia people should pay attention to the phone

long-term lie in bed play mobile phone, could result in high paraplegia? Recently, according to media reports, chengdu wang for professional need to lower the head to cooking noodles, during the day night long bed play mobile phone, long neck, which led to the tragedy.

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case is extreme also need to be careful

the second people’s hospital of chengdu rehabilitation medicine therapist and said, like Mr. Wang paraplegic, belongs to the extreme cases of cervical spondylosis. In recent years, more and more people are suffering from cervical spondylosis, more related to the unhealthy living habits. Long-term play mobile phone, tablet computer, desk for a long time, journal time is too long, the neck muscle fatigue or even damaged, resulting in cervical spondylosis.

after long time curve neck, must relax the neck. If you must lie on the bed to play mobile phone, cell phone, eyes, ears, to be in a straight line, to avoid neck, cervical spondylosis.

forward 1 inch cervical pressure increases 1 times

UK researchers pointed out that if one man’s cervical spine 1 “excessive forward, its strength will increase 1 times, if excessive to lean forward for a long time, can appear the symptom such as neck pain, and even can lead to cervical spondylosis. Also, New York’s spine surgery and rehabilitation, medical director of Kenneth & middot; Hans raj doctors study found that when cervical flexion to 15 & deg; When is the weight of the neck by 27 pounds; And when the buckling to 30 & deg; , bear the weight of the neck will increase to 40 pounds!

the body of the cervical spine in the normal range of flexion, will only under its own weight caused by the pressure head, but if you look down at mobile phone, computer, don’t say is cervical vertebra, lumbar spine, spine.

neck pain try four warm neck party

method of a large hot water bag to warm the neck. Filled with hot water bag 1/2 full of water (the temperature is about 80 ~ 90 & deg) , wrapped in two layers of towel, pillow sleep, it is advisable to to feel warm, not hot. Water temperature can keep until the morning in summer, winter cold water to change water once, beware of burns. Pillow to about one hour, local sweat, don’t pay any attention, continue to sleep.

general patients even pillow three nights, symptoms improved markedly, the neck relaxed ease, even a cure. As blood very cold coagulation, a hot line, such doing can make full use of sleep time, correct the local blood circulation.

method, the second is days of acupuncture point massage. The upper body upright, the left hand on your right shoulder, left hand on the right shoulder in half. Natural vertical finger, middle finger is touched day hole. Often days of acupuncture point massage, can alleviate fatigue muscles around shoulder joint, germinal sun be the spirit, promote qi and blood running, general click 10 ~ 15 minutes at a time.

method three is daub peppers wine. Prepare chili 2 two half jins, highly liquor. Soaked the chili soak into the liquor, after a week or so, get some lotion and liquid. Pepper flavour sheen of temperature, alcohol sex divergence, besmear outside WenTong meridian, divergent pathogens.

method four is fumigation or heat loose the soup. 30 g to 30 g angelica, salvia miltiorrhiza, notopterygium, 30 g, pittosporum skin 30 g, 30 g f, 30 g, common clubmoss herb, radix dipsaci 30 g, 30 g, turmeric 30 g tougucao, 30 g ~ 30 g, red paeony root, eucommia bark, 30 g, 10 g, asarum, datura flower 10 g

if fumigation, the boiling water boiling soup with the drugs after 30 minutes, add smoked vinegar to wash the affected area. If it is hot compress with vinegar soak the above drugs, until the medicinal vinegar absorbs, the medicinal materials into inside the bag, on boiler evaporate heat affected area in 30 minutes. Fumigation method is suitable for the joints, muscle damage area is relatively small. Hot compress method is suitable for the joints, muscle damage area with strong.

let your phone be quickly ~ & have spent

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