In Chinese medicine of aristolochic acid cause cancer? The drug safety administration responded like this

a few days ago, there are foreign academic magazine published an article said that aristolochic acid is associated with Asian liver cancer widely, make traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) containing aristolochic acid is on the cusp of public opinion. To this, the state food and drug supervision bureau spokesman responded that liver cancer patients in our country is mainly caused by the hepatitis b virus infection, whether to have direct relationship with aristolochic acid, there is no powerful data support directly.

aristolochic acid is what?

aristolochic acid has obvious renal toxicity, can cause renal tubular function is impaired, even cause the risk of kidney cancer. In 2002, the world health organization’s international agency for research on cancer (iarc) has classified aristolochic acid potential carcinogens, 2012 in its list of Ⅰ kind of carcinogen, so far in Ⅰ carcinogens and aflatoxin, a total of 116 tobacco, alcohol, etc. DetailPic


in ancient books, it has a record of aristolochiaceae medicinal materials of medicine, have & other; Primary pulmonary gas on urgent, sit rates shall not, cough inverse repeatedly not & throughout; The efficacy. At present, contains the Chinese pharmacopoeia, the customer standards and local standards for the discharge of medicinal aristolochiaceae medicinal herbs have 24 kinds, proprietary Chinese medicine oral preparations containing aristolochia genus medicinal materials have 47.

aristolochic acid is a high incidence of liver cancer in Asia to blame?

on October 18, the United States in the journal science translational medicine published an article entitled “aristolochic acid and its derivatives and Taiwan and other parts of Asia liver cancer related articles, through the analysis of the sequencing of liver cancer samples, found that 78% of 98 samples from Taiwan with aristolochic acid induced mutation molecular label, or & other; Fingerprint & throughout; .

in addition, 19% of Vietnamese 26 samples containing aristolochic acid & other; Fingerprint & throughout; Nine samples, and other southeast Asian countries 56% with aristolochic acid & other; Fingerprint & throughout; .

based on the analysis of the world total of more than 1400 liver samples, the researchers believe that between aristolochic acid and liver cancer & other; Decisive link & throughout; .

they point out that herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid is widely used in Asia especially China Taiwan, but there is no direct say aristolochic acid is local the cause of the high incidence of cancer of the liver.

food administration of drug safety: no data to support the existing risk control

recently, the state food and drug supervision bureau spokesman said to respond on the matter, according to the epidemiological big sample, data analysis, liver cancer patients in our country is mainly caused by the hepatitis b virus infection, whether to have direct relationship with aristolochic acid, there is no powerful data support directly.

at present, our country of drugs containing aristolochic acid to prevent risk measures have been taken to. Drug safety bureau news spokesperson, not all aristolochiaceae plants containing aristolochic acid. Our country since 2003, has been the medicine containing aristolochic acid and Chinese patent medicine has adopted a series of risk control measures, including:

1, banning the use of high content of aristolochic acid in close also, wide acutum and radix aristolochiae;

2, adjust the medicinal use, aristolochiaceae plants the medicinal part of asarum from the grass roots and roots, the roots and rhizomes almost does not contain aristolochic acid;

3, clear warnings, the oral proprietary Chinese medicine containing aristolochia genus medicinal species strictly according to the prescription management; Develop the toxic herbs and other security issues varieties of traditional Chinese medicine treatment principles.

after the measures of aristolochic acid renal damage number of cases have fallen sharply, not yet received directly cause kidney cancer report.

the next step, the administration of drug safety for the listed products containing aristolochic acid to carry on the special inspection, and organize technical institutions and experts of medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines containing aristolochic acid in risk assessment. At the same time, the administration of drug safety remind patients, drugs should be used strictly in accordance with the doctors’ prescriptions and the doctor’s advice, pay attention to kidney containing aristolochia genus drug toxicity, carcinogenicity risk. No drug can large dose, take long time.

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