“In the history of the most strict regulatory policy” milk powder imports nearly baby milk powder by grace?

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

import infant milk powder for 3 years grace period?

to infant formula milk powder in China to further strengthen the supervision of the important measures, & other; Milk powder formula registration system & throughout; Be affect more than one year baby milk powder industry one of the most important policy in our country. From next year, according to the relevant provisions of the previous market sales of infant formula milk powder in China must obtain formula registration certificate, whether domestic or foreign milk powder, milk, including overseas online shopping milk powder, no sales is allowed before the registration certificate. However, as the deadline nearly, this is called & other; Throughout history’s most severe milk powder & regulation; But the fine-tuning of the policy.

to do milk powder after the deadline may not be sold in China again in the market before the ban becomes limited only after the end of the new production of milk powder, before production can still import sales. Have industry evaluation, this might be the regulator for the current actual situation of the milk powder’s new light on the pause button, offer certain buffer period, but ultimately perform obviously just sooner or later.

& other; Formula registration system & throughout; At & other; Formula commercial & throughout;

last year, according to the state food and drug administration issued the infant formula powder product registration management method “regulation, the sales of infant formula milk powder in China will implement & other Registration system & throughout; , on the one hand, product formula milk powder companies must register, not & other; Want to how to match is how to match & throughout; As for infant formula milk powder food safety regulatory tightening again; Also, on the other hand, the solution for each factory cap on the number of registered formula, this limitation is widely considered to be in view of the current market infant milk powder and other Formula commercial & throughout; The tendency of & ndash; & ndash; Many brands to launch all kinds of series of milk powder, according to the market demand is often nominally different series formula is different, but are often in order to distinguish between the series and fine-tuning recipe for marketing purposes, finally let consumers choose.

the special food for the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of registration management deputy director ma fu-hsiang is pointed out that the current Chinese infant formula milk powder market, such as excessively outnumbered formula, marketing level. & other; Some companies for arbitrary marketing considerations, change formula, at the same time lead to milk powder label and advertising clutter. Throughout the &; It is in order to standardize the behavior, China decided to infant formula milk powder formula registration system, contain some companies for marketing effect formula concept for the creation of too much. Can say, & other; Formula system & throughout; Is China’s regulators on baby milk powder has the world’s most strict testing means, further strengthen the supervision.

according to the north to the reporter understands, & other; Formula registration system & throughout; Is already brewing, actually had a longer adjustment period for the industry. As early as October 2015 the implementation of the new revision of the “food safety law of the People’s Republic of China is explicitly pointed out that, in the infant formula powder product formula should be registered by the food and drug supervision and administration department under the state council. When registering, formula development report shall be submitted and indicated that scientific formula, the safety of other materials. First clear infant formula powder product formula need to register. This is the baby milk powder & other; Formula registration & throughout; On the agenda for the first time. According to the announcement, last year the infant milk powder and other Formula system & throughout; From January 1, 2018.

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