Indian doctors removed “the largest brain tumor” weighing 1.8 kg


the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to the British broadcasting corporation (BBC) on February 22, doctors in India have removed from a 31-year-old man’s brain weighs 1.8 kilograms of brain tumor. They think it may be the world’s largest brain tumor.

the last seven hours of surgery on February 14, in the western Indian city of mumbai’s Neil hospital. But operation process in the doctor to be completely confirmed after successful surgery can be made public.

nader, director of the hospital neurosurgery jay carney (Trimurti Nadkarni), said & other; Now the patient is still in the recovery phase, but he has been out of danger. Throughout the &;

before the surgery, the brain tumor in the named parr Santlal (Pal) in patients with brain lu in three years. Affected by the tumor, the doctor said, Pal now in a state of blindness. But if you can stick to good postoperative recovery measures, he is still expected to restore vision.

parr’s wife said, uttar pradesh, three different hospital doctors are told that they cannot be surgically removed the tumor.

nader, says Carl & other; The operation is very dangerous. In the process of operation, need Pal lost 11 units of blood. In a few days after the surgery, he also needed a ventilator to breathe. Throughout the &; (internship compilation: Xu Xiaoyi review: Tian Ruizhe)

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