Indonesia reminds of the Chinese embassy in preventing diphtheria epidemic

Jakarta, December 12 (xinhua) (Zheng Shibo) announced that the Chinese embassy in Indonesia 12 alert in the Indonesian Chinese citizens and institutions to prevent diphtheria outbreak.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

announcement said, according to local media reports, diphtheria outbreak in Indonesia and more recently, has nearly 600 people are infected with, dozens of people were killed, Jakarta, densely populated and the surrounding provinces exist a high degree of risk.

diphtheria is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by corynebacterium diphtheriae, transmission channels including close contact with patients or air. Symptoms include fever, voice hoarse, barking cough, sore throat, tonsil a white pseudo membrane and its surrounding tissues. Serious illness can cause systemic poisoning symptoms, can be complicated by myocarditis and peripheral nerve paralysis.

the Chinese embassy in Indonesia to remind Chinese citizens and agencies in Indonesia, pay close attention to diphtheria epidemic avoid populated places to personnel. If necessary, can timely to the relevant institutions vaccination. If found the above symptoms, should be immediately isolated and go to normal hospital treatment.

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