Infant formula milk powder to accelerate the industry reshuffle registration start channel for starters


with the implementation of the infant formula milk powder products registration system, individual companies excessively outnumbered the product formula, the situation is expected to ease. The personage inside course of study thinks, formula registration system in the world to see is a pioneering work. Formula will become milk enterprise competition between the strategic high ground. From the regulatory level, the implementation of the registration system that the formula of infant milk powder regulation in the top in the world.

October 31, the state food and drug supervision bureau approved 4 companies a total of 18 infant formula powder product registration. By the end of October, at least 466 infant formula powder product by registering. Special food for the national food administration of drug safety registration management deputy director ma fu-hsiang recently by xinhua finance country weekly held lookout think-tank, & other; Formula registration system in the era of the Chinese milk powder market & throughout; Symposium, according to the formula of the final approval number or registration system in 1000. Along with the approved list, market reshuffle in succession, the milk powder market also turned to the registration system of era.

formulation registered just started

according to data released by the administration of drug safety, prior to the implementation of the registration system, domestic infant formula milk powder production plant formula of more than 2300, 108, including heilongjiang, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, hebei enterprises accounted for 57%, 77 import enterprises. According to the new requirements, a company can have up to three formula series 9 formula calculation, formula registration has only just begun.

ma fu-hsiang is introduced, the current formula registration continues, formula for review mainly adhere to three principles: one is the standard must be added nutrients cannot lack: second, can choose the nutrients must express; Third, you should not use substances, including additives, and to ban the use of prescribed standards, resolutely banned. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the registration system, the national food administration of drug safety set up special acceptance for infant formula registration agencies, accepts the service, and special reporting center.

however, the current formula through registration rate was 100%, and the registration system does not seem to have filter effect. Ma fu-hsiang explained that on the one hand, it released a few enterprises are big brand, better foundation; Found in the review process, on the other hand, is not in conformity with the requirements, local food drug safety administration puts forward correct opinions to the enterprise, enterprise in a timely manner after the rectification will be registered, if unable to complete the rectification within the prescribed time will not be registered. & other; Now, the enterprise can meet the requirements of the rectification, so there is no deny permission. However, there are also companies to withdraw the application for registration. Throughout the &;

China dairy industry association deputy secretary-general Lin liu thinks, & other; The melamine event & throughout; Ashes, dairy production enterprises, from the milk to the processing factory, has changed a lot. The formula registration system implementation, not only provides food safety to consumers, but also showed the world what China can ensure that their infant & other Food & throughout; .

bass, senior dairy analyst believes that the implementation of the infant formula registration system in the milk industry landmark, it marks the government around the new “food safety” construct a scientific regulatory system of food safety has been initially formed. Infant formula milk powder products from records to the registration system, is our country government to reshape milk powder industry development pattern, the concentrated reflection of to protect the safety of domestic consumption of milk powder.

product supply quality are ascending

it is reported that over the years, China’s infant milk powder high margin attracted a large number of domestic and foreign capital to enter, greatly promoted the world within the scope of the ascension of infant milk powder production, domestic brand also formed nearly 3000 large and small. Formula to register the New Deal, will put an end to formula excessive phenomenon, from the supply end improve milk powder market, improve the quality of food supplies, help consumers to the brand awareness, to ensure the safety of milk supply.

in addition, according to the formula registration system requirements, only have the corresponding research and development capabilities, production capacity and testing ability of enterprises to apply for registration product formula, which will greatly enhance the threshold of the enterprise application. Most small and medium-sized enterprises is blocked at the door, will restrain disorderly capacity expansion, the current overcapacity have very good capacity to effect. As fewer number of milk powder brand, the enterprise will be more cherish the existing brands. Dropped sharply at the same time, the formula on the market, the enterprise will increase investment in research and development, especially for Chinese infants & other; Customized & throughout; The related research and development.

& other; From the regulatory perspective, into the era of formulation registered in China, regulation of infant formula powder also came to the world. Throughout the &; Mead Johnson nutrition company, vice President of greater China yo said formula registration system on a global scale is a groundbreaking work, it will allow the market to realize transformation from quantity to quality. Now in a stage of rapid changes in China’s milk powder market, is full of opportunities. Formula for the implementation of the registration system, will enable the market to focus on high quality products, milk powder formula will become milk enterprise competition between the strategic high ground.

as the first through the formulation registered enterprises, mengniu group, deputy general manager of yashili Zhu Guogang said: & other; As formula register listing bookends, dairy market will tilt to have finished registered brand, industry reshuffle will accelerate. Throughout the &; For companies, will cherish and pay more attention to product flow and product safety, enterprises will also be from price wars in the past, the marketing battle in comprehensive strength competition, such as research and development, innovation, focus on branding, rather than more formula.

channel battle has begun

in the industry point of view, with the announced the list of companies through registration, the chaos of the domestic milk powder industry is expected to improve. According to statistics, after the individual companies even have more than 180 recipes. On January 1 next year, stick a card, a generation of processing and false YangPai will all be clear to the market, 2000 recipes will shrink to a few hundred.

bass said that although the formula registration system fully implementing to begin from January 1, 2018, but a battle about channel has begun. Formula to register the New Deal for three or four lines and the influence of the city market is large, some small and medium-sized brand after exit the market, big brands will revolve around an intense competition for the market. As more and more closer to this point, a lot of milk companies this year have speeded up the development speed. American dairy goat milk powder series, introduced this year, for example, there are many large enterprises are the layout of organic milk, take market actively.

& other; In the future, high quality products will be in the market demand, the enterprise with high quality products is a good news. In terms of channel, will realize the change of the market products supply from quantity to quality, thus further promote healthy competition of the market. In addition, will also help consumers return to rational, the biggest beneficiaries will be China’s newborn babies. Throughout the &; Yo, said, when looking from the enterprise the implementation of the formulation registered will let the market rally to the product formula, gathered in product quality and scientific research and innovation.

& other; For the markets, a large number of small brands and small businesses to exit the market will greatly enhance market concentration, promote fair competition. For consumers, formula registration after implementation of the New Deal, the domestic price of milk powder will stabilize, and gradually in line with international standards, consumers can buy inexpensive, safe milk powder. Throughout the &; Bass said. In addition, the market still has about 600 brand, consumer choose and buy is still widespread.

in recent years, in the domestic milk powder overcapacity and double factors of cross-border purchase and developing rapidly, high price system is broken, milk powder market in China is now with international prices. However, there are also some new situation need regulatory concerns. Bass, cautioned that if the cross-border purchase cannot be effectively specification, then the effects of formula registration system will be discounted. A large number of failed to pass the formulation registered brand or through unregulated cross-border purchase channels to enter the Chinese market. Suggested that take the time to take measures to block the hole, a cross-border purchase of milk powder in the bonded area shall be incorporated in the recipe is unified registration system management system, from the source to control product quality and safety; The second is for direct purchase mode, under the premise that fully respects the consumer personal opinions, establish and perfect the cross-border products consumer complaints platform, form the early warning mechanism, once part of the product problems can be timely remind other consumer; 3 it is to large cross-border purchase flat Taiwanese businessmen to establish effective regulatory system, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

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