Infant neurodevelopmental symptoms

Stagnation is the baby in the process of growth and development of children than their peers grow slowly or abnormal growth and development. The following small for you to detail the development of infant neurodevelopmental symptoms.

1, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: do not love to chase, chase objects

Baby eyes dull, do not love chasing people and things; response to the sound is not insensitive, many babies will find sound to find students, and mental retardation of the baby is responsive to the sound, it is difficult to find students by sound.

2, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: crying abnormalities

Mainly for the baby from being stimulated to cry too long, crying sharp or crying weak.

3, baby neurodevelopmental symptoms: abnormal well-behaved

Some children do not love crying, it seems exceptionally well-behaved, parents mistakenly think children sensible, in fact, this is the performance of the reaction lag, however, a lot of things, however, can not express their emotions.

4, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: clumsy do not love to play toys

To put a hand in the baby’s hands, he could not hold his hands, often fall; some babies do not love to play toys, many parents mistakenly believe that children do not like this toy, ignoring the child’s condition.

5, infant neurodevelopmental symptoms: excessive sleep and not easy to wake up

Some babies will always be in a sleep state, and not easily awakened.

In general, within one month of newborns, the sleep time required for a day and night is about 18-20 hours. Can only about 3-4 hours a day awake, can be described as “full asleep” state. When the baby reaches 2-3 months old, it takes 16-18 hours a day to sleep, and 5- to 9-month babies still need to sleep for 15-16 hours. When they are aged, they need to sleep for 14-15 hours.

If the baby for a long time more than a reasonable time to let the baby go to the hospital to check, to find problems in a timely manner to solve the problem.

6, baby neurodevelopmental symptoms: dull expression

The baby has been relatively dull expression, full of laughter after a hundred days of expression, and dull expression, 6 months still can not show a natural smile.

Causes of baby’s growth retardation

Experts explain that slow development is mainly caused by varying degrees of damage to the central nervous system that controls language or behavior in the brain. There are two possible reasons for this development:

First, the baby is affected from the embryonic stage because pregnant women take banned drugs during pregnancy and are infested with toxic substances or radiation.

Second, pregnant women encountered during childbirth or cesarean section due to improper handling caused by a brief infantile asphyxia, triggering hypoxic encephalopathy. For example, hydrocephalus caused by the severity of nerve compression, it will affect the child’s speech or delay or loss of action.

Experts suggest that if you determine the child is due to hydrocephalus caused by stunted, depending on the severity of the disease decide whether to implement hydrocephalus shunt surgery for treatment.

Baby neurodevelopmental examination method

If the height, weight, head circumference measurements are all low, then the child’s development showed a comprehensive slowdown, pediatricians should consult in detail to confirm the need for further examination. If only a height, weight, head circumference of a good indicator of the low, it means that children may have some of the developmental delay can be further examination of brain or endocrine and other combination of the project to understand the child’s physical development is affected influences.

If the intelligence level is critical and there is a lack of medical history and signs that can aid diagnosis, it is best to do an intelligence test. School-age students, compared with the same age classmates, mental retardation is very easy to reveal that they do not recognize their children have problems, and finally will require the doctor to judge, the doctor can not judge according to clinical performance, but also to do intelligence tests . Therefore, intelligence tests is a very important diagnostic tool. Now more use of Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (than the scale) and Wechsler Intelligence Scale (Webster scale).