Is deception “hunting” of the old man: some people were tricked into one million yuan swallowed their anger


on February 24, changping suburb north an apartment, buy a swindled the old man shows some COINS and stamps. Reporter road Peng Ziyang

by deception & other; Hunt & throughout; Old man

before the Spring Festival, many Revelations were tricked into the elderly.

in health care products marketing, commemorative collection auction, & other; Will pin & throughout; And high-yielding financial legerdemain & other; Hunt & throughout; , some old people are less loss of thousands of yuan, some were tricked into light life savings, is deeply in debt.

in recent years, many institutions to make survey report shows that the elderly have become the main victims of fraud.

the old easy to lie to the cause of the complex, in addition to their low with less social information, fraud prevention consciousness, there is also a psychological, family and even social factors. Beijing university psychologist Dr Chen Shaojian said, the old man is the most afraid of loneliness and useless, they also need to realize self-worth, also because children don’t know how to arrange parents life after retirement, to let the cheater drill loophole.

in the interior of the some health care products companies and collectibles, & other; How to get the old man trust & throughout; & other; The old man’s psychological & throughout; Also become a training course. Salesman through oral affectionately call even recognize nominal kinship, use for a long time & other Tender feeling offensive & throughout; Move the old man, when the old man trust then the con.

on the blow of this kind of fraud, the Beijing news reporter learned that, SOHO chaoyang district modern five exposure collection company has been in the city, have been investigated and has shut the door.

until the death of that day of, the 66 – year – old monarchy purchase auction collection of large amounts of money, also not to be.

& other; To die can’t swallow that tone. Throughout the &; Kingship daughter said.

kingship was at least eight companies buying the collection or COINS. Salesman told him that, after a period of time can help him these COINS auction, enormous benefit.

daughter once listen to kingship mentioned & other; Want to earn some money to children. Throughout the &; Is that her daughter was born after the second child.

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