Japan abandoned “phantom” hospital 20 years were removed after 15 fetuses in the body

15 fetuses in Japan was found to have abandoned hospital body (source: south Nippon hoso MBS)

overseas network February 6 (Japanese kagoshima matsubara town bird pill maternity hospital is an abandoned about 20 years in the hospital. In November 2017, when building demolition operations staff, was surprised to see that there are 15 fetal corpse was soaked in the bottle containing formaldehyde.

according to the Japan south Nippon hoso (MBS), kagoshima, said bird bolus of obstetrics and gynecology hospital abandoned, about 20 years ago in November last year (2017), demolition workers found the bodies of 15 fetuses. After receiving reports, the police searched and determine the criminal case.

according to the report, in December 2017, the police asked kagoshima to deal with the fetal body. , kagoshima already in December last year (2017 years) to cremate bodies, and buried in the city camp cemetery.

the Japanese kagoshima has this year (2018) in February 1, the official newspaper published this news, and look for more clues. Reported that the fetus ages before 12 weeks to 31 weeks, gender and identity is unknown.

Japanese kagoshima welfare office to protect the first class section chief black, long line, according to the long abandoned because of hospital, could not find out the whereabouts of doctors and related personnel, and other If got useful clues, we will cooperate with the police investigations & throughout; .

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