Jiangsu old population warm liquids containing iv for grandson: cold day, want to add a little warm



on January 30, xuzhou suining county in jiangsu province taoyuan town center hospital, the old man hu ju kelp grandson infusion, the heating drugs iv contained in the mouth. The warm heart, cause social concern. February 1, hu told the sea surging news (www.thepaper.cn), because the weather is too cold, grandson and cold, afraid of injection liquid ice grandson body bear too, just silently with a perfusion tube heating.

in the net friend in the picture, released in a transfusion room, hu ju hai plain clothes, wearing a black cap, temples have quite a few gray hairs. His mouth iv, no expression, eyes rested on the left the ground. Infusion of boys half lying in the blue stool, with walking, look a little weak.

hu ju hai to surging news late January 28, grandson some cough, bring institutes after examination, the doctor diagnosed with cough caused by a cold. The doctor gave grandson medicine and arrange infusion. Transfusion, he has been to iv in his mouth, & other; Cold day, hanging in the water (medicine) to the child body, afraid he will bear too cold. Throughout the &; He said he didn’t let a person see, photos could be see this scene touched the nurse.

hu said in the sea, the son and daughter-in-law are working in the field, both he and his wife at home to look after children. Each day will give son do breakfast, send him to go to school, meet him after school. He and his grandson feelings is very good. Grandson very thoughtful, sometimes see him take care of yourself very hard, will warm heart say & other Grandpa: are you tired, let me help you to do throughout the &; Or & other; When I grow up a lot of things to buy for you & throughout; , he often moved to tears.

hu told the son of the sea surging in the news, and his wife are working in Shanghai, since kindergarten children mainly taken care of by parents. Parents of children is very good, the child also pretty reasonable, with grandma and grandpa, mom and dad are very close. Children the sick mainly cough, lost three days in the hospital, now ready to serve. He says children are sick, father was very worry and love dearly, afraid to cough into pneumonia.

the Peng Cheng evening news reported, xuzhou central hospital transfusion room head nurse li-na hou said, grandpa’s love is understandable, but will the iv in his mouth to heat, effect could backfire. Because each drug activity is different, some medicine after the heating effect will be reduced. If the environment temperature is too low, it is recommended that the infusion, because the patient resistance is poor, cold potions to aggravate condition in the body. But anyway, don’t use mouth, hand, or stick a warm treasure to infusion local heating the potion to heat up, the best ways to improve the room temperature.

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